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Need a small travel system that can fit a buggy board- suggestions??

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geckogirl13 Mon 10-Jun-13 21:37:32

I need a new travel system as we sold the one we had for a our first as we didn't think we'd be having anymore. Unfortunately I have quite a list of requirements and wondered if anyone might be able to help. It needs to be compatible with a car seat, small enough to fit into my VW UP! (no more than 90cm long and 40cm wide!), have a reversible seat and fit a buggy board! I'm not too fussed about the cost because I can always look second hand. Does anyone have any ideas??

Ihateparties Mon 10-Jun-13 21:45:25

I would have said bugaboo bee but I'm not sure it'll fit. Probably would. Otherwise new maxi cosi loola maybe, jane solo reverse or cross reverse?

A small boot the shape you describe is hard work, squarer flattter folds don't fit well. I had a yaris which was 100cm by max 50 but realistically slightly less than that because of the angle of the back seats. It was tricky. The solo fitted, the loola would have, a bee would have. Those are the only reversible seat ones I can think of right now. I would guess there will be a few more..

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