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what p&t do i need?

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poocatcherchampion Wed 29-May-13 22:04:32

dd will be 18 mo when dc2 arrives. at 14mo she still can't walk. I plan to use a sling as much as possible for one of them but that will not work for all occasions.

I like side by sides most but I cant be doing with a heavy bulky pushchair. I am sorely tempted by a my child sienta but dd still naps in the pushchair often so I would have to switch dc2 out for that.

so although I don't love them I am strarting to think p&t might be the answer. I want suitable from newborn and light as possible. is that an option?

i will be buying off eBay as I am also cheap.

Tiggywunkle Wed 29-May-13 22:16:55

Buy a B-Dual instead. You will get more for your money and its less problematic especially with 2 napping children.

poocatcherchampion Wed 29-May-13 22:41:49

but its massive!

MiaowTheCat Thu 30-May-13 08:43:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ihateparties Thu 30-May-13 08:51:46

Yes, they are ... but when you have a newborn and toddler in a p&t the situation is the same as with the sienta, the toddler has no recline. So if they sleep they're sleeping sitting up.

Which particular kind of massive is worst for you? If you haven't got any flashpoints for width, such as a narrow front door then side by sides are often lighter than tandems in the pushing, turning and tipping sense. I can't handle the width though. The lightest tandems to push are pricey. Physically the lightest tandem I have had is the dimples mobi from smyths toys, which is cheap but also pretty decent. There are issues with newborn and toddler set ups though, you either have to use a maxi cosi for the baby or wedge the upper seat and have it ff up top, which is fine but certainly not for everyone. It's comes into its own for two 6m plus really.

Tiggywunkle Thu 30-May-13 11:52:38

Its SOOOO NOT!! The B-Dual is shorter than the P&Ts Verve because of the long handle but it offers so much more space and room than a P&Ts for the children. A Baby Jogger City Select is even shorter than an older style P&Ts, so the B-Dual would be too. You dont realise how much a P&Ts overhangs at the back, have longer handles and long 'noses' until you start to put them side by side with other tandem pushchairs. Look at these for example
Can you stretch the budget to a second hand Peach Blossom?

poocatcherchampion Thu 30-May-13 14:06:10

oh blimey. we are all over the place now. We've just been to bru and really liked the p&T on display there, although it doesn#t lie down for the toddler, and we do really need that.

it got pipped to the post by the oyster max however, which is lush and could be a direct swap for our existing standard oyster - only problem being we cant find the money for it, and there is not a single one on ebay yet!

i liked that the p&t was narrower than others we looked at and it did seem to fold pretty small.

we really love our oyster carrycot, and used it loads for dd to sleep the night in at relatives etc, so we wouldnt sell the oyster for p&t, although we would sell it for an oyster max.

before I was sold on the nipper v2, but i do have reservations about getting in doors and the size of the fold and bulkiness which would be an issue for me, and in our current house although we are hoping to move. we have a large estate but the nipper and the like would all totally fill it up, aside from the rest of the junk. both the p&t and oyster max look reasonable from a storage point of view.

the my child sienta is pretty much ruled out as both seats are tiny.

Which p&t's have the older child reclining?

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