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How universal are M&P universal foot muffs?

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Cydonia Mon 27-May-13 07:44:46

I'm after a footmuff for my Mutsy 4 Rider that I can zip the front off to make a liner if it ever warms up! I don't want to spend a lot as its my spare pushchair and I'll be getting rid of it soon as need something smaller and lighter. I've come across a couple of Mamas & Papas footmuffs on eBay which say they are universal or fit most pushchairs, just wondering if that's true? Thanks!

rcs19 Mon 27-May-13 07:58:32

I've got a m&p universal one and it fits our britax b-smart 3 wheeler and obaby stroller. It has lots of slots for straps in different places. I use it as a liner all year round. It's been washed countless times (in the machine even though it says not to) and it's currently on child no.3 and still going strong.

Cydonia Mon 27-May-13 09:26:56

Ah thanks, that's very helpful. I also have a B Smart 3 so I could compare the 2 seats. I wasn't sure if they said they were universal but only for M&P pushchairs.

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