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Travel System Advice - Uppa Baby Cruz?

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Fozziebearmum2b Sat 25-May-13 21:03:12

I'm looking for a travel system for baby no1. Looking for something good value, well made and hopefully will last through a few babies. We're planning on another one (hopefully for when dc1 is about 2) so want to be able to convert to a 2 person buggy or to add a board.

I've seen the Uppa Baby Cruz in JL today, seen the vista in JL but felt the fabric was a bit too shiny...and cheap looking..?

Has anyone bought either and have any reviews, I can't find any views on the Cruz

Ihateparties Sat 25-May-13 23:01:03

There's a review and info on the cruz here and i'm sure if you search this forum there have been threads about it.

No double option though, that's only on the vista. If you're seriously interested in something that can become a genuine tandem for toddler and newborn then a good list to start you off would be the icandy peach, icandy apple2pear, babystyle oyster max and tfk joggster twist with buddyseat.

It's always hard pre baby number one to really know about your likes and dislikes though. It's sometimes just as well to choose the best you can for one baby then start again with doubles if and when you need.

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