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Loving my Babyjogger City Mini GT - thank you for helping!

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Sunnysummer Fri 24-May-13 01:22:27

Tiggy and ihateparties in particular... Thank you for your wise advice, we're a month in and going so well that two of my pregnant friends are getting the same model! grin

And for others who are looking for an easy to manoeuvre, easy to fold and relatively lightweight pram for city living and occasional country walks, I'd definitely recommend the GT.

We also got the large second hand bassinet from eBay, which is great - though it does make or quite a big and tall pram once assembled! It is very useful, though, DS likes it and it keeps him a lot more shielded when we're out and about. Its also good for the stairs outside our building as I can lift it off and take the bassinet and pram parts down separately - a bit of a faff, but our stairs are too steep to safely bump a pram down with a newborn inside.

Tiggywunkle Fri 24-May-13 02:01:47

Glad you are a happy 'customer' smile
It is a great pushchair. I own one myself smile

MultipleMama Fri 24-May-13 09:55:09

I owned the double - I loved it but had to sacrifice it for a new one sad

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