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That arkward P+T phase (long baby etc etc)

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MiaowTheCat Mon 20-May-13 08:41:20

I blame the father - it's his fault the girls are beanpoles! (Both are 98th centile length - cue lots of "is that child not walking yet" directed at the 13 month old already - grrrr)

Explorer so no reclining rear seat option (and skint so can't buy one from another model that fits and does recline). Knew we'd hit this phase and just have to fudge through it as best we could - just interested to see how other people have managed it.

DD2 is 8 weeks but like I mentioned, very very long - I'm hoping I can eek out at least another month out of the cocoon since she IS a very snuggly baby who still does the whole "ball of baby" curling up thing given half the chance, but obviously then I hit "that" arkward spot. From googling around the internet it seems like lots just line the newborn parcel shelf bit and lie them on there - but is there enough of a "lip" at the back to stop them flying out if you're tipping the buggy up kerbs? What about the front where there's a gap between that and the second seat up top (although I know the gap narrows when a child's sat there. I thought about putting the P+T cosytoes on poppered right down to fill in that gap a bit and just slotting the baby in so it was kind of like a bigger cocoon but would that work or am I just being daft? Can't see how you'd clip them in easily at all with where the clips are.

Other option is to just get a head hugger and sheepskin from somewhere and hang on as long as possible crowbaring the baby into the cocoon and then pimp out a seat as snuggly as possible - baby has good head control but obviously with no recline it's not the greatest solution for the next few months. I know whatever we do is a less than ideal bodge job for this period of time - knew about the arkward period when we bought the buggy but it's an easier push up the stupid hills than the alternative we did have and I'm not crippled with shoulder pain from using it.

Desperation measures would involve slinging it up (but DD2 HATES slings - and I've tried a good few!) or the pink buggy of shame (side-by-side - doesn't fit up to the house door, pink, cheesy girlie slogans on it and generally covered in mud cos it lives in the car for dog walking)... please save me a fate of having to push a bright pink buggy around - it was cheap on gumtree but I'm not sure my strong arsey woman credentials would cope with full-timing pink!

Be kind - I've had no coffee this morning so my brain's not firing on all cylinders so I've probably missed something obvious.

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