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I'm craving a new buggy after reading here :)

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WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 14:50:16

Happy in general with my Oyster, but getting fed up with in / out of the car and once DD is into forward facing car seat I will leave the Oyster in the house.

I could use my Silver Cross umbrella fold, but have got the urge to buy a new one! And the brake isn't that great...

So. Not Zia like. I hate 3 wheelers, unless its P&T. I'm thinking a buggy that folds in half (rather than umbrella fold) would be good. I've got 4 DCs and if it could fit behind the rear seats of my S-Max and allow space for other stuff retail therapy Not too expensive, less than £150 and I'd quite like something that not every other mum in the playground has got.

Any suggestions?

milk Sat 18-May-13 15:23:31

I love the look of the Maclaren Quest Sport Buggy, Cath Kidston Spray Flowers smile

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 17:52:11

It's pretty but I have ishoos with Maclaren smile

Rhubarb78 Sat 18-May-13 17:59:44

Maxi cosi noa, its really small folded

RandomMess Sat 18-May-13 18:16:24

It never harms to peruse your local pushchairs on ebay - you could get something great for £150 2nd hand...

whitewineforme Sat 18-May-13 18:51:14

I love the Nuna Pepp - brand new it's £200 but you could get a secondhand one for well under £100. You don't see lots of them around (well I don't anyway!) so it fits that criteria for you.

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 19:33:33

Like the look of Nuna Pepp. Also interested in the Babystyle Quicksmart. Need to get to a shop for a play!

Ihateparties Sat 18-May-13 19:47:59

So... not umbrella fold or 3 wheeler, small and easily foldable, single handle, not too expensive, sturdy enough for day to day use. It's not easy.

There must be some stuff that meets this criteria though apart from the casualplay livi that is over budget at £190 and needs to be imported so probably of no use to you but I really want one so I'm mentioning it

The Joie Mirus is tiny, single handle, book fold. Mamas and Papas Sync is pretty small, quite flat folded and £169ish atm. Looks like you can also get a britax b agile for the same here I have had one of these and liked it a lot. It's not super tiny though.

Are any of those in the right sort of area of the type of thing you want or am I missing the point? There isn't a massive amount of choice imo. I have one of these that I imported from Spain 3 years ago and it has absolutely been the best pushchair I have ever had. It seemed v expensive for a stroller at just over £200 but in the end it has really been value for money as I plan to get at least another 2 years out of it. Such a shame they don't sell them here and you have to import cos they're brilliant.

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 20:01:31

Spot on smile

Apart from Britax, I'm yet to own a Britax product that I'm happy with I'm not difficult to please, oh no not I

The livi looks lovely. And yes, breaks the budget but rules are made to be broken!

Ihateparties Sat 18-May-13 20:09:46

I don't mind a bit of britax at all and the b agile has been the best of them.

I wish there were more of these things. I'm vaguely considering a Sync in an ongoing sort of a way. The outlet would probably have to offer me a cheap one tbh, I'm not £170 convinced iyswim.

I have seen a Livi, the only things putting me off are the sort of unknowns like how well would it stand up to daily use etc. Importing I no longer fear grin

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 18-May-13 20:16:09

Baby Jogger city mini 4 smile

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 20:18:29

I had a Vigour 3+ which tipped upside down. The customer service was diabolical and it's put me off for life. My first travel system was a really, really ugly Britax and it gave me blisters on my hands. Sheesh.

I'm probably too picky. But with 6 of us in the car space is limited, especially if we are staying over at my parents (3 hours away) and we've got bags. And all the other crap the DDs insist on bringing grin

I'm thinking a fold in half job so it stands behind one seat rather than laying right across the back.

Maybe I should just buy a mini bus hmm

Ihateparties Sat 18-May-13 20:24:08

Baby Joggers are v flat, I second gwendonline's BJCM4 suggestion... although you'd have to go used smile

I'm purposely not mentioning the babyzen yoyo...

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 18-May-13 20:45:23

grin I wasn't mentioning that either. Alas, DH would take me out and shoot me if I bought one sad

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 21:08:24

I've spotted the yoyo. I'd like to see it irl but then I would need to smuggle it past DH....

RandomMess Sat 18-May-13 21:09:23

Just get a bugaboo bee grin

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 21:14:02

Ah, my Baby Bea in a Bee smile

RandomMess Sat 18-May-13 21:15:47

Get an original one, second hand should come in at around £150...

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 21:20:19

I was just looking on eBay wink

Ihateparties Sat 18-May-13 21:25:31

Tis true on the bee front... long as you ensure you get a good one <thinks of the few VERY used ones I see daily and paying £150 for those>

I knew the yoyo was good, on paper, the concept etc. I knew it was kind of impressive but I think you're right, until you actually see one yourself it's hard to really get across just how impressive they are. The tiny folded package and the open pushchair with a big seat, noticably big rather than just passably big.

It is a travel/car pushchair though, not one for walkers, which is why I don't have one - no car, no excuse for one :-)

Oh and I do feel compelled to mention that after reading your britax experiences I do get it but the b agile is a million miles from both of those things. I have pushed too many pushchairs and the b agile stands with the best of them imo, most especially for the price tag. The same applies to the baby jogger city mini family.

WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Sat 18-May-13 21:28:39

For small fold you can't beat the YoYo but it's very pricey for a basic stroller. Love mine though and hubby is soooo impressed with it he actually thinks it's great value for money & even I don't truly believe that smile
Others I had on my shortlist were Nuna Pepp (or search ebay for Mamas & Papas Nuna, same thing but cheaper) & Maxi Cosi Noa. Then the Casual Play Livi was added to the shortlist but discounted due to importing being a bit scary for me and because my heart wanted a YoYo.
Oh and the Quicksmart EasyFold was on the list for a while one time Amazon had them for around £60! Still under £100 now.....

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 21:32:21

I just can't get over the Britax thing. Particularly the Customer Services bitch Advisor who accused me of tipping it on purpose to get a newer buggy angry

eBay is too hit & miss in reality.

I'd quite like a running buggy too.... DH is in despair!

WeAreSix Sat 18-May-13 21:34:39

The Quicksmart has me really intrigued. I'd like to get my hands on one to play.

RandomMess Sat 18-May-13 21:39:57

I'd try and get a bee local so you can see it in the flesh before paying.

janey223 Sat 18-May-13 21:44:30

I had the same conundrum, bought two other buggies and ended up back with my oyster, DS loves the thing and so do I.

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