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Desperately need some buggy advice

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Sparklebum Sat 18-May-13 07:13:18

First time I've started a thread but I'm overwhelmed and you guys seem to know what you're talking about!

I am in the process if adopting a lo and need a buggy. She's just turned 2yo, is very petite and still uses a buggy quite a bit.

I need a buggy for everyday use but don't want to spend a huge amount as I imagine she'll be using it less and less.

My only requirement would be that it had a single bar handle instead of 2 handles and not be 2 expensive.

any suggestions very welcome.

bishboschone Sat 18-May-13 07:27:38

Have a look on eBay for baby jogger city mini. They have a bar. Most small pushchairs have handles. It's more prams and travel systems that have bars.

PattieOfurniture Sat 18-May-13 07:28:18

Would you consider used? You would get a barely used, better pushchair at a fraction of the price. As I found out recently smile also, good pushchairs hold their value, so by reselling, you will probably get most of your money back.
It gets said a lot on here but baby jogger city mini get my vote everytime, I can't fault them. One sold on eBay near to me recently, hardly used £90

bishboschone Sat 18-May-13 07:29:31

bishboschone Sat 18-May-13 07:30:05

This website will show you mostly what's available .

Sparklebum Sat 18-May-13 07:41:29

Thanks all. It's a Minefield - so much choice. I'm definitely not opposed to used. I'll check out ebay x

Aldwick Sat 18-May-13 08:01:32

Harder to find in a 'buggy' type but friends who adopted were advised to get a parent facing pushchair at least initially while they were all still bonding. Something with air tyres is generally easier to push with slightly older children. If parent facing isn't an essential then personally I'd recommend a micralite super lite. Had to put my 4 year old in mine when she was sick recently and it was still so easy to push. Free stands when folded too which is really useful.

Aldwick Sat 18-May-13 08:02:44

Thinking some more ...a second hand bee plus might work?

TwitchyTail Sat 18-May-13 08:16:42

Congratulations on your new daughter smile

I have also heard the suggestion of parent facing buggies for new adoptees, to help with bonding and possibly language development depending on the child's background. Also from a practical perspective, although she is 2 she will still be new to you, and so you might have the new parent pfb instinct of wanting to keep an eye on her (I bought an outward facing pushchair while pregnant, and then sold it for a parent facing Bee Plus when I realised I couldn't bear to face my little baby away blush )

Definitely try some out first in a shop - John Lewis or Mothercare are good choices - even if you don't buy from there. Buggy choice is a personal thing and your own size, strength and preferences will come into it. Don't make the mistake I did and buy blind.

GwendolineMaryLacey Sat 18-May-13 08:24:51

I've had every pushchair in the land. If you need parent facing then Bee. If you don't then Baby Jogger city mini. My extensive research has led me to conclude that they are the two best pushchairs ever smile

And congratulations! smile

Sparklebum Sat 18-May-13 08:28:05

I had thought about the parent facing benefits for bonding but thought she.might be a bit bored looking at me smile . think I'll revisit that though. got to admit I'm loving thing out prams.

bishboschone Sat 18-May-13 08:28:39

I actually have a mothercare my 3/4 it's a travel system but it does parent or forward facing and has a bar rather Than handles . It's really nice to push too. The downside is its a travels system so has to come apart to go in the car but honestly it's not a big deal . The upside is you can get them cheap on eBay smile.

Sparklebum Sat 18-May-13 08:29:06

*trying out prams.

TwitchyTail Sat 18-May-13 08:29:30

^^ owned both. Agree grin

TwitchyTail Sat 18-May-13 08:30:15

Massive cross-postage, was referring to GwendolineMary Lacey's post!

chocolatemartini Sat 18-May-13 11:34:48

In your situation I'd say bee+. Deceptively big seat, light, and the option of parent facing if you find you need it. I don't think you can know in advance what direction she'll prefer, I'd definitely want to be able to talk to her on the go if it was me. Maybe keep her rear facing while the weather is warm and turn her around in winter as the bee footmuff can be more annoying in parent facing mode?

Sparklebum Mon 20-May-13 14:12:36

Bishboschone - tried out every pram in mothercare! loved the my3 - had a look in ebay and got myself a bargain!

Thanks for everyone's advice.

bishboschone Mon 20-May-13 14:20:58

Great .. I love mine.. So nice to push and its like a transformer ;-)

Aldwick Mon 20-May-13 20:56:46

Ooh - I also have a my4 so pretty much the same as the my3 (my micralite is my car buggy) and love it. Wishing you many happy hours of pushing and chatting!

Ps Occasionally the bit where the handlebar goes up and down and the swivel wheels need a squirt of WD40

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