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Babyjogger versa / jane rider / uppababy vista ??!

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3milybear Wed 15-May-13 18:56:10

I have a serious pram
Addiction going on since my youngest. Been through far too many prams and really need some advice from the pram gurus out there smile
I love my bugaboo frog for its off roading ability, easy push and large seat unit however the fold is poor! This is the only pram out of many I have decided to probably keep. The other and last remaining in my stash is a jane solo reverse which I like because it doesn't have a bucket seat so...
I would like
. a nice easy compact fold
. Easy to push
. Large seat unit - I hated my bee and bee plus!
. Parent facing
. Big hood !
. Is there any thing out there that doesn't have a bucket seat that fits these requirements other than the oyster? I really dislike the hood!
. Good off road. I'm happy to keep my frog for serious trekking but would like something that handles parks and woods without collapsing on me - ie NOT a bee lol

Please end this pram nightmare!

3milybear Wed 15-May-13 18:57:16

Light! I must add light. Don't want to be pushing any beasts about

Laquila Wed 15-May-13 19:07:12

Ahhh this brings back memories for me week...

I was having exactly the same problem (although had also thrown the Bugaboo chameleon) into the mix.

In the end we went for the Versa GT, partially because of the easy and compact fold (with seat unit on), partially because of the build quality and partially because we got a good deal on it!

If you search this topic section for "Versa" you'll find the last quite lengthy and useful thread in it. (I started one and so did someone else - I think it was Trenchcoat).

Alternatively, if you wait around here long enough, IHateParties, Tiggywunkle, ChocolateMartini and RooneyMara, amongst others with more knowledge/experience than me, will be along to give you their very valuable input! They've been sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for this...;)

kernewek79 Wed 15-May-13 19:29:10

Mutsy Evo or Jane Muum are the two that instantly come to mind and would fit your requirements

Ihateparties Wed 15-May-13 20:14:59

What kernewek said.. almost everything has bucket seats apart from mutsys and the odd jane :-( plus you already have one of the odd janes grin

I have a brio smile for sale over on the for sale/wanted board if you're feeling adventurous it's worth a look, swedish import, it's a vista relative or rather the vista was somehow spawned from the brio sing iirc. Anyhow I digress, no more shameless directing people to look at my ads.

The versa is fab but the choice of full suspension or off road wheels is annoying. From what you say though the normal version would suit you better. Although the fold is compact it's heavy really if you're hauling it around much.

If the vista fold is like the smile, and i think it will be, then it's less compact but still fine and maybe freestands where the versa doesn't.

I have a soft spot for the rider, the fold isn't tiny once again but i love the general feel of it overall.

Of the 3, purely imo, the versa is the best all rounder, the vista close to it but the rider feels the nicest to push. I like bouncy feeling things though, the versa and vista feel kinda sturdier.. more grounded.. something like that.

They're all good, have fun choosing grin

chocolatemartini Wed 15-May-13 20:51:27

He he I loved being mentioned as a pushchair expert grin

The new version of the easywalker June? I seem to remember tiggy or parties saying the new one has the handling problems fixed. I tried one in a shop in parent facing mode and it was impossible to tip, not just difficult. I wouldn't get the current one. But on paper it has everything you asked for... Ummm <tries to uphold new expert status with other suggestions>...

chocolatemartini Wed 15-May-13 20:54:49

Ps my DS much prefers a bucket seat with a nice calf rest. He wakes up and cries if I recline him in the other sort I can't get him to nap in them at all. Why don't you like bucket seats?

natienka Fri 28-Jun-13 17:12:43

So glad to know I'm not the only one spending a ridiculous amount of time picking up a pushchair...
Considering the same ones, also I'd recommend having a look at this thread:

I think I like Jane Rider the best now, but it seems too new / not very popular so not sure about reselling potential...

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