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Mountain Buggy - Urban Jungle v Swift

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puddleduck1980 Wed 15-May-13 16:29:16

Hi there,

Just a quickie... I am about to embark on the Big Expensive Pushchair purchase and though I'm fairly settled on a Mountain Buggy, I am now plagued by having to choose a model from within the range - eek! Sometimes choice isn't a good thing...

I live in a rural area so I want a sort of town/country hybrid (but not so rugged as the Terrain one). Can anyone recommend/advise between the Swift model and the Urban Jungle one?


EldonAve Wed 15-May-13 21:45:57

for rural UJ

TeaandCake Thu 16-May-13 00:21:38

Urban Jungle.
Ours has had 6 years continuous use and is currently ferrying our third DC.
Never used any other buggy because this one is a joy to push and had tons of space and comfort for our kids.
Worth every penny.

puddleduck1980 Thu 16-May-13 19:31:01

Oh no! After dilly dallying for so long, I've now bought the Swift - still a mountain buggy but not the UJ. Typical... hopefully it'll be just as good for what I need - a sort of hybrid. Thanks a lot for the reply and tips though!

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