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Dimples Duo questions

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WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Tue 14-May-13 20:08:10

I was watching one on ebay which ended today with no bids. I offered 100, buyer wants 150. They've now come back and said they'll take 100 if I can collect tonight. Not possible so I've said tomorrow so I'm guessing it's going to cost me something between those two prices if I get it.
3/4 months old and immaculate (according to seller).
I'm looking for a tandem for the inlaws who will have my twins 1-2 day a week from September when they will be 9 months. They often use the bus. Babies will nap in buggy sometimes. Inlaws may sometimes have just one twin or just my toddler so would like to remove a seat.
The buggy should also fit in their insignia but I think the boot is huge.
Will this buggy do the job?
I have a nipper which I love but don't think it's good for buses or for when they just have one child.

Ihateparties Tue 14-May-13 20:35:22

It's huge folded but iirc the insignia is pretty huge also.

Lots of pics here.

The seats aren't that tall so it would be less good for the toddler part of things or if you expect your dcs to be tall.

The reclining seats are great but it's BIG, it's not perfect for what you're looking for imo but it would certainly work well enough. What I'm trying to say is there are probably a couple of better options for 9mo twins, esp for public transport. Even the dimples mobi tandem would almost be better if it weren't for the non reclining lower seat, it's massively lighter and smaller.

I'm having a think about what else might do the job for a similar sort of price...

WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Tue 14-May-13 21:30:35

Thanks for replying. I'll hold off I think.

WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Wed 15-May-13 08:24:08

I wasn't thinking straight yesterday - was caught up in the fact I needed to make a quick decision.
I don't need a tandem to convert to a single - the inlaws already have a cheapy umbrella fold for my toddler or I can leave the yoyo there if they have just one of the twins.
So all I need is a lightweight narrow as possible bus-suitable tandem. Will be buying second hand probably as it's not for everyday use but being right is more important than being cheap.
This probably needs a new thread.....

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