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I want the StrollAir but DH wants the B-Donkey.

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MultipleMama Sat 11-May-13 15:39:27

DH was out shopping yesterday and saw someone with a Donkey and being the outspoken person he is - he assaulted (over exaggerated) this poor woman with questions about the stroller.

He now wants the Donkey but I still love what I've heard about the StrollAir and I'm not keen on the Donkey price. To afford the Donkey we'd have to sell our BJ (which we are anyway) AND a few more things to pay for it.

So I need your opinions and advice. Can you either help me convince DH the StrollAir is a better investment or help me decide if selling a few more things for the Donkey is worth it.

DH is being really stubborn and he's usually really wise with how we spend money so for him to want to spend money on an expensive stroller is puzzling.

Lilykin Sat 11-May-13 16:54:34

I would gladly let my dh get b donkey if he wanted to splash outsmile

Anyway, I haven't researched in either pushchair for advice on that but what I would do is research into the b donkey and my stroller air and tell him about the benefits- the precise benefits-e.g. functionality, cost, practicality. Might be wrong but it sounds like you have just told him you like the strollair but he cannot see why. Whereas the b donkey he saw it in action? Are there any YouTube videos of strollair.


MultipleMama Sat 11-May-13 19:20:12

I basically rambled on about the StrollAir and because it's not released in the UK yet he's not sure on it reaching standards or something. But the list idea is great. He loves lists. Thing is I'm not really good at research but I'll give it ago!

Ihateparties Sat 11-May-13 19:52:45

One thing you can definitely use to differentiate is the stroll air has flat seats, the donkey only has carrycot or bucket seats.. personal preference I suppose but flat ones are more flexible for younger babies imo :-)

In a way I kind of agree with seeing and feeling stuff before committing. I assume like any other pushchair sold over the internet you can unpack carefully, assess it at home on nice soft carpet with as much packaging still on as possible and return if you don't think it's right for you.

I prefer the stroll-air but it's not entirely logical, mainly personal preferences and price.

MultipleMama Sat 11-May-13 20:44:01

Yeah, I've never been keen on bucket seats. I've never liked how the baby's legs are higher than the body, I'd be scared of their little feet going numb!

However he likes the donkey seats because you're not faffing about trying to recline them whereas I'm not that fussed as long as it's lie flat from birth.

I know we have to sell the BJ to get the Stroll Air, but it means selling baby products given as gifts and I'm not keen on that and I'm sure the StrollAir will be cheaper.

He also likes that he can convert it to a single but we already have single buggy so that feature is kinda useless unless we're taking twins separate which rarely happens.

I don't like that I have to maintain the types when I could just get the other type instead like the BJ.

<<scurries off to get facts and create a compare list>>

Tiggywunkle Mon 13-May-13 01:25:27

I have owned both of these (well the Stroll-air in TwinGo format and the Stroll-air is meant to be better spec) and there are pros and cons of both. There is no doubt the Donkey looks and feels amazing. I suspect the Stroll Air fabrics are better than the TwinGo ones but they werent bad - just not Bugaboo IYKWIM.
The biggest difference for me is the fold. The Stroll-air folds as one piece with both seats on. It then will lie neatly and fairly flat against a wall. Ours was very inconspicious in our hall way. The Donkey on the other hand is a huge beast when folded. If you never have to dismantle the Donkey and have no storage issues, then I would definitely say get one of those. If you have to take the Donkey apart, convert it etc. then stick with the simple flick open and go of the Stroll-Air. Despite having a big hall - the size of many people's bedrooms, we simply could not store the Donkey sensibly. Its a big chunk folded. By the time I had converted the Donkey, put both seats on, got the children in, done up coats, footmuffs etc I was ready just to stay at home. Converting the Donkey in the rain in a busy multi story car park was the last straw and was downright dangerous as there was no room to put the pushchair between the cars.

SO - if you stay at home, never have to convert the Donkey and have storage space, then buy the Donkey. It is nicer and is lovely to use. But the Stroll Air is easier to unfold, fold and to use in general. The storage basket is bigger too. I loved both pushchairs for different reasons but I did regret selling my TwinGo for the Donkey in the end because the Donkey barely got used because it was such a faff to get out and construct. If that hadn't been an issue then I would have loved it more IYKWIM.

MultipleMama Mon 13-May-13 12:12:08

Thanks Tiggy, we hardly take the car anywhere and we can stick the stroller in the hall. It will rarely be folded and used daily and in twin.

What are the seats like? In terms of size and easiness to switch from RP to FF and visa versa?

We're going to wait awhile and see if any dates are released about StrollAir so I can have something to take to DH

Tiggywunkle Tue 14-May-13 23:26:46

Have you seen this because it should be useful.
I can only speak for the TwinGo but as I said before they are from the same mould so to speak.

The TwinGo seats look narrow when you see them. But they fit a child really well - its perceptual - possibly because they are quite tall with good long leg length. My main gripe was that the harnesses werent long enough for an older child, but I believe the Stroll Air are longer now.
I definitely preferred the Donkey for the seat - its more roomy and just less fussy around the hood area although again I suspect strongly that the Stroll Air fabric is thicker and better (different country).

Both had really easy to switch around seats - no issues with either of these.

I dont like the gap in the Donkey handlebar as its exactly where I wanted to put my hands. I used to like the centre part of the TwinGo as it was comfy to hold and steer from the middle.

I think for me, I would want to know more about the Stroll Air fabrics. There's no question the Bugaboo fabrics are top quality. Ohhh (I keep getting flashbacks), I couldnt remove the TwinGo liners which annoyed me. TBH I knew I wouldn't keep the TwinGo long term given my eldest was older, but if I had, I would have cut them out of the seat of my eldest. Again these are things which may have been improved. Stroll Air seem a very reactive team - I kind of had faith in what they were doing when I spoke to them. I like them as a company.

One maybe deciding factor could be the handle height. Is it adjustable on the Stroll Air? It isnt on the TwinGo.

I have to say if you are leaving the pushchair open and ready to go, then I would get the Donkey - absolutely (apart from the daft shaped basket that doesn't hold as much as you think!). Its beautiful and nearly perfect and I can't say otherwise (once its open and up!) If you folded it, I would be saying something different!

MultipleMama Wed 15-May-13 13:06:52

Thanks for answering and the useful information!

I think the handle bar on the Stroll Air is now adjustable.

DTS are small and thin so harnesses shouldn't be that big of a problem but DTS1 likes to sleep almost diagonally in the pushchair with his legs bent like he's trying to cross them, so spacious seats are preferred.

So, all in all I think I've been convinced. I already have a buyer for some of the baby stuff and BJ. With that said, I'll look where I can go in store and test drive it with the twins before I make the final decisions.

Now the big question; I love the royal blue colour but I love the red. Which one? Haha.

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