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Please help me chose a pushchair one last time...

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milk Fri 10-May-13 18:21:52

I truly hope this will be my last pushchair...

I need:
- A very light weight double
- Budget: £450ish
- One with large seats as I imagine my son will want to be pushed around until he is at least 5 years old.

No off road needed, although I would like to be able to travel on public transport with it.

So far I am considering:

- Jane twOne
- Oyster Max

I am unsure about the Jane and the Oyster as I loved the massive basket on my BJCS and I don't think those two have a large basket.

I was thinking about the Out n about nipper but my kids like to sit upright and I've been told they make the kids lean backwards.

Thanks in advance smile

Ihateparties Fri 10-May-13 19:20:06

I believe the seat position is better on the newer nipper.

The twone has no basket at all in doubles mode,you can't even store the i put my actual 5 year old in the lower seat, it would never work, nor would the top seat. It just isn't built for it. Average sized 3.5 year old max.

Dunno re the oyster max, we had a pre production one. The basket is now bigger so you can fit a bit in but again i'm not sure how big of a child I would want to risk putting in one.

Tfk joggster twist with buddyseat (i'm thinking of robust) or a mb +one. Or I am actually going to say it for once.. a p&t navigator maybe?

A city mini gt i would go if you think your elder one will need to be in there till he's older. Or a used mb duo.

Tiggywunkle Mon 13-May-13 01:07:13

The new V2 Nipper seat is very upright but the basket is rubbish!

The Jane TwOne is hopeless for storage. The Oyster Max isn't too bad now but needs posting in from the front. The BJCM has the best basket but things need posting in again.
I would happily push a 5 year old round in any of your options TBH. I wouldnt say that about any pushchair! I think the Oyster Max, Nipper and BJCM are the best with the Max being the best overall. I think the BJCMGT would give you even more space for a bigger child. You will find a 5 year old has their knees up to their chin in the Nipper but one leg can dangle off the side and my 4 year old loved out Nipper.

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