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Vista bassinet fit question

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Cordial Fri 10-May-13 09:09:58

Our new uppababy vista arrived yesterday and DH is obsessed that the bassinet is not totally cemented into the chassis. I think it is expected that if you wobble it it should wobble a bit but DH keeps wobbling it then giving me that shoddy workmanship faceconfused. Any vista owners advise of how much movement there should be? Thanks

Cordial Fri 10-May-13 17:40:37


nowgotosleep Fri 10-May-13 20:51:28

Do you mean that it wobbles up and down whilst fixed onto the chassis? If so then yes, most carrycots on a chassis do this. It will do it less with baby in it, especially as they get heavier. Also if the carrycot was very rigid then the baby will get jolted much more over rough ground, uneven pavements etc. The Vista is a fab pram, really well designed and good quality build!

Cordial Sat 11-May-13 07:52:58

Thank you that appears to have been a bough to stop DH wobbling it in that annoying way. smile

Cordial Sat 11-May-13 07:53:28

Enough sorry not bough! Autocorrect!

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