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Oyster Max advice and reviews please

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DevonLulu Tue 07-May-13 09:13:12

Hi - looking for some advice and reviews from the collective wisdom please!

I am due later this year with baby number one. Live in Devon, relatively rural and have decided on a MB Urban Jungle for my main pushchair, with the carry cot initially, to see me along the country lanes, fields, nursery, local shops and day trips out and about. Our family car is a Q5 so should be fine.

I am aware that this will be heavy and bulky for the quick trips into the shopping centres, supermarkets and for the times I visit my sister in London (about once a month, often more). Consequently I am looking for a second pushchair to cover these occasions.

I am very likely to have another baby relatively quickly (given my increasing age!) and my sister is due 10 weeks before me with her first. I am seriously considering opting for a Oyster Max straight off as my second pushchair. It seems to be a great single - love the rear facing and lie flat, not too big or heavy, reasonably priced for what you get, will save me buying again in a years time and would accommodate my niece/nephew when they come to visit, saving carting equipment up and down the country.

I would love to hear peoples thoughts on using the Oyster Max as a single and as a tandem, in addition to hearing generally your reviews of how is handles in real life.

Many thanks in advance

Ihateparties Tue 07-May-13 10:59:11

It isn't heavy but it is quite big, the fold in particular is bulky as it doesn't go particularly flat.

From what you have said though it sounds as if it would suit you. To accommodate a second baby within 2-3 months you will need at least 1 carrycot though as the seat recline is minimal. This isn't a bad thing though as you'd most likely use it again if you have a second baby within a fairly short space of time.

You may find yourself in need of a smaller stroller of some kind at some point in the future imo, not a big deal though.

DevonLulu Tue 07-May-13 15:13:19

Thanks - I did wonder if it would be too big.

Does anyone use it in single mode and enjoy it?

I am aware that I will likely end up with an umbrella type stroller in the future, but not keen for the first year. Was wanting to kill as many birds with one stone!

Does anyone use it in London, on and off tubes and busses etc?

Any other suggestions


Tiggywunkle Tue 07-May-13 18:02:56

I have used the Oyster Max as a single and its not bad, but it is on the larger side. I dont think you feel it so much when pushing, but its noticable when folded when you are used to say a regular Oyster fold. However there are much bigger pushchairs out there, and if you arent used to anything else, you probably wouldn't notice.
Its maybe worth bearing in mind maybe...cough...that the Oyster Max seat would fit on a standard Oyster chassis....but it wont be safety tested like this.

DevonLulu Tue 07-May-13 18:55:35

Thanks both

Before coming across the Oyster Max, I was planning on buying a bee+ second hand as they are small, manoeuvrable and rear facing. Also, so many friends have used them I know that they do well in London/tight spaces.

Seeing as I plan to use the MB most of the time, this seems an extravagance!

Would the Oyster Max be too big to use as a small pushchair I wonder....

Ihateparties Tue 07-May-13 19:21:11

Ha ha, imo yes, too big to use as a small pushchair! Have you nowhere local to see one?

Have you bought the uj already? Depending on how off road you need the oyster max might work for both uses?

I almost sueggested a tfk joggster with buddyseat and multi x carrycot then before realising the upright buddyseat won't work for your more immediate double needs. Same goes for the mb +one :-(

DevonLulu Tue 07-May-13 21:27:09


Not bought the MB but DH and I sure that we will

Oyster Max reviews state hard ride so not keen as our off reader and we are quite rural.

Was really hoping that someone would say 'I was in that exact position and we found it perfect!' but we are all different!!!

Tiggywunkle Thu 09-May-13 22:25:40

Its not too big to use as a single TBH. Parties likes her neat narrow pushchairs!! I use the Max as a single. Its better as a single than say the B-Dual is smile

Ihateparties Thu 09-May-13 22:32:46

Not too big as a single but defo too big as a "small pushchair"

You'll never convince me it's a small single ;-)

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