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Over pushchairs

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MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Fri 03-May-13 18:38:08

Why is when you have your baby you get buggy envy?

My buggy I chose on a whim out of a catologue but I'm just not sure about it now.
We have an obaby Zezu dotty in black, had the car seat too but now sadly outgrown.
DD is seven months btw, she never looks comfortable in it.

I have always wanted a bugaboo gecko. Now here is my AIBU:
AIBU to sell my Zezu and mclaren cath kidston to purchase a second hand bugaboo gecko around £100 (that's with a ton of extras).

When a) my Zezu was from her GPs and B) she's seven months.

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Fri 03-May-13 18:39:17

Sorry for the typos.

I might add I'm not flush so ill save every penny for it.

MardyBra Fri 03-May-13 18:40:12

There's a whole pram/pushchair topic.

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Fri 03-May-13 18:50:48

Sorry blush

OliviaMMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 03-May-13 18:51:50

No probs we will move this there now

ENormaSnob Fri 03-May-13 18:54:54

Yes I would get one.

Or a bugaboo bee.

MardyBra Fri 03-May-13 18:55:00

Sorry didn't mean to sound too mardy.

foreverondiet Fri 03-May-13 18:55:35

re: looking comfy, well from around 8 months babies can generally sit up completely unsupported so are comfortable in anything. I would say that if you have managed until now with your current buggy you don't really need anything else.

Don't get the buggy envy thing - I think people who buy expensive buggies when money is tight are a bit mad - but then I don't have buggy envy DS2 being pushed around in a 9.5 year old buggy that wasn't "posh" even when bought for DD. Wheel falls off every so often, raincover long gone (have ill fitting generic one), basket underneath is broken but don't see the point in wasting money on another buggy.

HoneyDragon Fri 03-May-13 18:57:33

You'll get a good price for the Maclaren on ebay if you add postage and do a courier.

Do it.

And so begin the happy journey of mild pram addiction. By September you'll be on your third grin

foreverondiet Fri 03-May-13 18:58:01

Actually I think its a good AIBU topic, think totally reasonable for it to be there. Not really about buggies per se, more about being unreasonable to buy something/anything you don't need. The traffic in pushchairs totally different - more people obsessed with buggies I expect! However, sounds as if the second hand buggy won't cost that much more than your sales proceeds, so then I guess its personal choice!

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Fri 03-May-13 19:03:00

Thank you all smilethe mclaren could pay for 2/3 as its quite a rare one...

So tempting, just don't want to offend the gps

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Fri 03-May-13 20:33:55

Okay I think even though I a) have my heart set on a bugaboo and b) am buying second hand I'm going to check out john lewis tomorrow.

Any other recommendations for me to look at?

Hrc152 Sat 04-May-13 21:37:47

Ah I feel your pain! It's impossible to tell which buggy will work for you until your baby is here and you have used it!! How did it go in John Lewis today? I went through 4 buggies (all bought and sold second hand) until I I found the buggies that worked for me and bubba... Baby joggers!! Buggy is so important for you and baby it needs to work!! Well done for sticking with zezu for so long!!

MisForMumNotMaid Sat 04-May-13 21:47:34

Just checked put eBay completed listings and quite a few Gecko's are finishing between £40 and £60. Just a thought but if money is tight it might be worth watching a few auctions.

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Sat 04-May-13 23:24:37

Thank you smile I am most certainly going for a gecko as the Cameleons are fetching to much.
Mis- I saw this, eBay is looking my likely friend on this one. Having a clear out this week, aiming to make 100, out of junk grin

Then I'm on it wink

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Sun 05-May-13 10:37:42

Would you go for a gecko or a frog?? If you had same price... Same colour choices etc

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Mon 06-May-13 08:02:08

Now I'm torn between a gecko and a frog.
I like the look of the gecko

I'm told the frog is bigger and better for the child as they grow.
Also does anyone know how easy they are to swap/carrycot and the seat over as dd still likes to nap in her carrycot.
With the Zezu you unclip a button on the seat and it turns into a carrycot?

Tiggywunkle Mon 06-May-13 11:48:52

I think the Frog offers you more options. But I like the Gecko fabrics!

Its difficult to swap from seat to carrycot. You basically use the seat frame and fabrics to swap so its about an half an hour job to swap them over. Not something you want to do all the time - and in fact the seats can be a PITA to get on. Its a seat or carrycot choice really!

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Mon 06-May-13 15:30:30

Ahhh thank you smile

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Mon 06-May-13 15:31:07

I'm feeling a bit silly because isn't the bugaboo just like what I've already got? grin

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Mon 06-May-13 22:27:23

I had a gecko and loved it! Actually, I had two blush.

The first one, I sold when I wanted to raise some cash and was really sad when the eBay buyer came to collect it then I was a bit pissed off when I saw she'd put it straight ongumtree for twice the price.

The second one I bought for about £70 but had to get rid when I got my Zafira because I couldn't fit it in the boot when the back seats were up. I think it sold for around £80.

Boggler Mon 06-May-13 22:32:31

I have a cameleon and totally love it, nothing comes close to it for ease of manoeuvrability, although others are easier to fold, more compact etc.

Tiggywunkle Mon 06-May-13 22:49:45

Errrmmm are you comparing a Bugaboo to an O'Baby Zezu???
Get a Bugaboo bought and then come back and answer that one for me grin

MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Tue 07-May-13 02:14:16

Thank you.

Twiggy I did try a cameleon in john lewis the other day but thought I was getting a bit silly about how nice it was and light and shiny and so new.,,. Ill stop now blush

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