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casualplay livi - when's it due out?

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nam207 Fri 03-May-13 17:36:35

Hi, does anyone know when the UK release is? I emailed the company a couple of weeks ago but they haven't replied.

also, does anyone know if it be folded with one hand? I'm trying to decide between the livi and a babyzen yoyo.


Lilykin Fri 03-May-13 19:02:54

Someone on bestbuggy website this summer . I think I read a post on mumsnet that might have said September this year.

Have a look on you tube for a video, not sure hw to post links here. I don't think it can be folded with one hand really but I've never tried and seen it in person. On the other hand, babyzen yoyo folding the bars you need to hands but you can do with baby in buggy. Then you can hold baby in hand and fold the rest with one hand.

Yoyo is lighter then the livi. From what I read livi will be cheaper then yoyo. Livi can be used from birth whereas yoyo can only be used from 6 months. If you haven't go any pushchair maybe go for livi, if you already have a pushchair suitable from birth and want a lighter pushchair/ 2nd one to travel go for yoyo

Also I haven't figured out if livi can be taken on plane as hand luggage as yoyo can be.

I have a bugaboo bee already and I'm looking at getting something lighter and have been looking and researching the yoyo- the price is the only thing stopping me from purchasing yet

Hope that helps

Ihateparties Fri 03-May-13 19:04:43

I'm fairly sure it's not a one hand fold, like the yoyo the handle fold first step needs both hands.

Dunno when it's coming, they were discussing some administrative details or something similar but they definitely planned to bring then here once sorted.

You can import one from spain for circa 190 pounds, i can re find you the link if you're interested in that route.

nam207 Fri 03-May-13 21:24:03

Thank you both.

The price of the yoyo is making me hesitate a bit too and i wondered whether the livi would be a better overall investment than the yoyo as i could use on public transport right away when number 2 comes along - my vista hasn't been great for that this time round.

On the video for the livi the lady folds the hood over before doing the handle thing. Does it have to be done in that order or could you do the handle bit with the baby in the seat like the yoyo then do the rest holding the baby?

IhateParties - a link would be fab, thank you

Ihateparties Fri 03-May-13 22:25:50

I think you could drop the handlebar, pick the baby up, push the hood forwards and do the other bits one handed. But I'm speculating, I have seen it demonstrated and I think I even had a quick go but not in enough detail to be really sure. I want one really quite badly but I'm trying to stop importing things :-D

Will find you the link... one moment.

Ihateparties Fri 03-May-13 22:32:41

Okay, I found the email these people will send one to the UK for 201.67Euros plus either 25Euros for 5 day postage or 69Euros for 48hr postage. I emailed them, it's not immediately obvious on their page but they are willing to do it. I have ordered quite a few things from spain before, not just pushchairs and it has never been a problem, usually you can pay by paypal.

<sits on hands>

nam207 Sat 04-May-13 16:11:40

Thanks I'm in a I order a pushchair from Spain not knowing if I can close it one handed!

I'll sit on my hands while I think.

Ihateparties Sat 04-May-13 17:50:02

If you get it and you can't tiggy and I will probably be forming a line to buy it off you!

nam207 Sun 05-May-13 09:51:50

Right, decision made.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes and ordering a livi.

The yoyo doesn't meet the cabin baggage requirements of most airlines flying out of Bristol or Cardiff anyway so unless i can't fold the livi I'm struggling to see why Id pay the extra - the smaller fold and weight won't make that much difference on the bus or in the car.

Off to make an order :-)

Ihateparties Sun 05-May-13 11:26:19

Excellent! Please please please let us know how you get on, the livi is very much on my list :-)

nam207 Sun 05-May-13 12:48:48

I've placed my order. It was pretty easy with a bit of help from Google Translate.

I thought the price was going to be more but that was Spanish tax and when i entered where my address was the price changed. It's cost me approx £198 to buy and should be here in the next week, feeling quite excited now!

Of course I'll let you know what I think, thanks again for the link.

Ihateparties Sun 05-May-13 21:36:08

Right, the lady told me about the tax, i must have forgotten to include that bit. Oops. I'm excited.. far more than i should be about someone else's pushchair. What colour did you get?

Tiggywunkle Sun 05-May-13 22:00:56

Ooohhh lucky you! I will stand in line for the Livi if you dont like it. I hope you are happy with it though!

WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Mon 06-May-13 07:34:28

I was so set on the yoyo but something is making me hold back. When I first saw the livi on youtube I didn't like it enough to not buy the yoyo but having watched the vid again it's become a contender! I need some bestbuggy side by side pics I think. Or maybe I should just order the yoyo and step away from the pushchair threads!!

Tiggywunkle Mon 06-May-13 11:51:02

Best Buggy needs to get their hands on a Livi first to do side by side pics wink
Just get a YoYo ordered!

nam207 Mon 06-May-13 13:39:59

I debated between the red and the brown and ordered a brown one in the end, i thought it would be a safer option as the red is called flamingo and i wasn't sure ds would appreciate it if it turned out to be pink!

I hope I'll like it, i only have the uppababy vista to properly compare it with other than things i tried in the shops but ill make another post when I've had a play to let you know what i think.

WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Wed 08-May-13 23:53:50

Looking forward to hearing about it even though I've just ordered my YoYo because Tiggy told me to!!

Tiggywunkle Thu 09-May-13 21:21:49

The Livi is due in September (although do not take that gospel as dates in pushchair land can change all the time!)

nam207 Mon 20-May-13 12:37:34

The Livi just turned up! I'll have a play later or tomorrow and let you know if it fits the bill.

Ihateparties Mon 20-May-13 13:34:19

I was unreasonably excited when i saw this thread at the top, keep us informed smile

Tiggywunkle Mon 20-May-13 23:45:23

OOhhhh me too...get it open!!
I heard today that the Livi might not be here until early next year now sad

Ihateparties Tue 21-May-13 16:00:09

<pathetic whiney voice> nam are you theeeeeere? Did you open it yet? What do you think??

Tiggywunkle Tue 21-May-13 16:28:59

lol at Parties. I am sat on the edge of my seat waiting too.

nam207 Tue 21-May-13 23:17:34

Hi, sorry DS's teeth had other plans for me!

Well, I like it ok but I haven't fallen in love with it and am still not quite sure it will do what i need it to do....let me explain...

you can fold the handle first and then the hood and it is all easy to do one handed but the lock isn't an autolock and you do need two hands to squeeze the livi together in order to put the locking strap in place.without the lock in place the buggy just slides right open and doesn't self stand. I'm wondering if i might be able to figure out another way to get it closed, otherwise i may have to part with it and get a yoyo.

its not a bad little buggy though. its a bit bigger than i thought i would be folded. in the video it looks like it comes up to the lady's knee but she must be quite tall as it comes higher up on my thigh than that. i think also id read somewhere about it being briefcase sized- must have been a big briefcase. having said that, it is a compact fold, it's just not a yoyo fold.

it looks nice, I've never been a big fan of small umbrella fold types and the livi looks more substantial, more like a small travel system type buggy.

the seat it nice and wide but not massively deep, better than the noa i tested but not anything like the vista seat. there is a tiny pull out calf support bit which means DS's little baby legs don't dangle which I like and the seat reclines right back so would be good for naps- the strap recline is a bit stiffer than you'd think from the video.

From what i can tell doing circuits in the house, it pushes easily one handed and it has a very strong brake. the handle height isn't adjustable but both me (5ft6) and DH (6ft) found it comfortable to push.

it generally seems.sturdy but there is a bit of flex in the top part of the handle, from where it folds upward, which DH wondered about for going up kerbs when DS is older but I'm sure they would have tested that.

the basket and the hood are both a decent size for a little stroller and the basket is easy to access even with the seat reclined.

i do quite like it but i haven't danced around the living room over it, I'm not sure i would have or not had it locked more easily or stood without the lock on.

i may test a velcro strap on it to see if.that could work.

let me know if there are other things you want to know about.

Ihateparties Wed 22-May-13 11:58:30

Could you close it against your leg to engage the lock with one hand, instead of using two hands?

Also does it have any suspension?

How upright is the most upright position?

If you do end up deciding you want something else me n tiggy are still standing here in our litte queue grin

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