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uppababy vista vs cruz

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decisionsnotmyforte Tue 30-Apr-13 19:23:28

Can anyone help? I keep going round in circles! My baby is due in 5 weeks and I'd decided on the Uppababy Cruz and that I'd buy the bassinet as an extra. I prefer that the Cruz is lighter (by 2kg) and a bit smaller than the Vista and I'm worried that the Vista will be a tank-like buggy and difficult on the bus. I also worry that the Vista bassinet will be heavy to carry up to my first floor flat. But the smaller wheels on the cruz and some things I have read about its handling make me think that the ride will be much less smooth and I might regret not buying the vista instead. I plan to be walking a lot this summer in the park so not exactly all-terrain but even London pavements can be very bumpy sometimes and I worry my baby will be joggling about in the cruz! Does anyone have any experience with either pushchair - weight-wise or ride-wise - that would help? My husband is very keen we get an uppababy because he is 6 foot 4 and likes the height of the handle. Otherwise there is the baby jogger city mini GT but he doesn't find it as comfortable to push and the baby can't face you (does this matter?!) Thanks so much!

Ihateparties Tue 30-Apr-13 19:51:35

What other pushchairs have you looked at in the flesh? There should be a good range with high handlebars really. Where the city mini gt doesn't parent face the versa does as is more comparable to the vista or cruz in terms of what it it does.

The vista is a large pushchair, the versa only ever so slightly smaller, the cmgt is about the same too in terms of outer dimensions too but probably occupies less of the space iyswim.

Have you seen the new silver cross wayfarer at all? Light, small, looks robust, has carrycot (i'm kind of assuming you haven't included the bee in what you want either because there is no carrycot, it's too low or feels too flimsy). I haven't used one but the concept is good.

AverageHeight Tue 30-Apr-13 20:05:07

We have the Vista and while its great for us living in a small rural town where I don't use public transport much, it really wouldn't be my first choice if I was living in London. Nor would the Cruz, it's still too big and bulky. I chose the Vista with the thought in mind I would also get a lightweight maclaren option fairly early-ish, so for me the qualities of the Vista are a bit of a counter balance (as no one pushchair is perfect). I loved the carrycot and used it for daytime naps/ overnight when away, the mattress is breathable. The shopping basket it massive and very useful as I walk to the supermarket. And it's wheels are sturdy enough to cope with some roughish ground for country walks, although nothing too off road! I did appreciate having it in parent facing mode for longer too. All things which my lightweight maclaren lacked.

Those are the main positives, the biggest negative is that it is so WIDE. I knew this when I bought it and it was a pay off I was prepared to take, another owner I've met hadn't realised this and it was so frustrating for her she sold it and bought a different one. I even measured our front and back door frames to check it'll fit through, I'd suggest you'd do the same as ours only just fits. It's a good 10cm or more wider than a lot of models and living in London I think you'd really notice.

I really liked the height of the Vista, both in that it holds the baby higher and for my comfort (as you may have guessed I'm an average height, while my dh is a fair bit taller). But my ds won't sleep in it anymore when out and about unlike in the maclaren, I wonder if the height and being able to see more makes a difference.

My friend has the baby jogger and loves it, it really suits her needs (her dh is also tall). It wouldn't have been for me as I really wanted the overnight-able carrycot and preferred the parent facing option.

The cruz wasn't out over here when I bought my vista so haven't looked at it in detail. I wasn't impressed when I saw it in the shop though despite being curious (I had wondered if it would have been a better option than the Vista (NO!)). 2kg lighter still makes it a heavy pushchair, would you be getting a lightweight option later on or will you be lugging it around while on holiday/ days out etc? (Think steps.... lots of steps!)

Woah I've written an essay - sorry! My last point would be that another friend and her (v) tall husband really rate their chameleon.

Tiggywunkle Wed 01-May-13 01:07:18

The Cruz really is not that much different to the Vista. Its taller when folded. its unweidly to carry - although there's a carrying place its not logical and you can get your fingers caught (well I did!). I prefer the basket on the Cruz although its a bit too open and accessible for my liking. The big drawback is the lackn of suspension on the Cruz. You can see it working, but it does nothing :\ Most strange. However the Cruz is surprisingly good off road....I was very surprised!

The Vista in comparison offers a nicer ride, and has the carrycot included. Out of the two, there is no comparison - the Vista is worth the extra.

DO look also at the Baby Jogger City Versa. Its a lovely pushchair and the one handed fold may be useful for the bus. The handle goes up pretty high too. The iCandy Apple has a tall handle as well.

decisionsnotmyforte Thu 02-May-13 08:38:08

Thanks everyone! That is really helpful! I will look into some of those other ones suggested - esp the versa if it's tall enough it sounds like it could be a good option

tomatoplantproject Thu 02-May-13 22:26:15

I have the vista, my friend has the cruz. We re both very smug about having them in comparison to the rest of our Nct groups buggies. The vista is a bit wide for some buses but you can get through the back door. It handles really well and is good for going to the park, shopping etc. the only drawback is how much space it takes up in the car but we then just take the sling.

tomatoplantproject Thu 02-May-13 22:32:12

I meant to add, we are at some stage going to buy a small fold up for travelling, the car, leaving at nursery. But that has always been the plan - we considered this when we chose the vista.

decisionsnotmyforte Sat 04-May-13 17:15:33

Thanks so much

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