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I need a single that fits a buggy board.

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NappyHappy Fri 26-Apr-13 12:45:59

What would you recommend? Preferably something that is lightweight and easy to fold, get on the bus and has a shopping basket.


NappyHappy Sat 27-Apr-13 08:15:28


Ihateparties Sat 27-Apr-13 13:47:24

Loads of things meet this criteria, what style of pushchair are you after, how much do you want to spend, have you got any other features that you are looking for, what age is the pushchair riding child etc?

If you want a pushchair with a single handle then it's better if the child on the board can fit inside it, this stops me from giving the obvious answer of a baby jogger city mini as an easy fold does everything type of thing. It's a great pushchair but not ideal with a board at all. Without knowing a bit more about what you want i'd just be spouting a random list. The bugaboo bee springs to mind though, light, small, good board space. If you need to fold for the bus then maybe not so ideal though.

If you want an umbrella fold then that's less of an issue you just need something that's sturdy enough to stand up to taking the extra weight of the board and child and that you can reach the handles of with the board there with relative ease. Umbrella folds not really my area unfortunately.

NappyHappy Sat 27-Apr-13 15:14:46

Hi, buggy board child is 18m but likes to walk so the board would be folded up when not in use, baby is 7m. Budget is about £200 and tbh not bothered if its umbrella fold or not wink Ive got a BJCM double and love it.

Ihateparties Sun 28-Apr-13 22:23:18

Now feel like i should be coming back with a big list of options but i'm uninspired somehow :-/

At present I have a city mini gt with board on, not perfect, your elder one wouldn't be able to see over the top and it really makes a difference to the balance too imo.

If you could get a good used one i'm still thinking bee really. I had a gecko with board, that was really good and they're cheap used. Equally you could probably get a cam under 200 too. Extendable handle - better stride space. Oddly another one I liked was the m and p glide with lascal board but didn't use for long enough to get a thorough sense of it over time. The drag on the back of the gt is worse than any of the rear facing pushchairs I have used with boards.

I would be tempted to go for a reversible seat pushchair generally but it may be that i just haven't hit a really good forward facing with board option yet.

Someone else might be better able to advise whether maclarens, xts, quests etc work well with boards.

Hopefully some more people will pop up shortly with their experiences, I know i'm missing lots out, seem to have some sort of brain block...

NappyHappy Mon 29-Apr-13 11:38:08

Thanks, ill have a look on Ebay and the like for the ones you have mentioned and see where I end up! grin

Ihateparties Mon 29-Apr-13 13:26:45

Oyster and board.. that's one that has been nagging me all night.Really anything with a fairly good space to walk though imo

NappyHappy Mon 29-Apr-13 20:22:30

Thanks! I'll be having a good rummage on Ebay. Seen a Gecko thats local and I could swap the Lascal for one of theirs maybe. I do like the look of the Oyster too!

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