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Help needed with finding a reversible seat, 4 wheal, large basket pram/pushchair.

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HortonHEARSaboo Wed 24-Apr-13 21:05:55

Hi I'm still in early stages of pregancy but due to complications it's likely I will be going on full bed rest soon till near the end of pregancy.
So I need to view them soon to order later while stuck on bed rest.

Essential is that it has a reversible seat and 4 wheals, ideally a decent basket because I don't drive but its not a deal breaker.
I will mostly walk everywhere.
Within reason I have an unlimited budget.

I did have a quick look in John Lewis but couldn't ask any questions the place was very busy.
I've used the Bugaboo Cameleon before (work in childcare) and really like this pushchair so its top of the list. Any cons I might not know?
I was also keen on the Bee but now not so much now for a newborn.

I was really surprised by how much I liked the Icandy brand, I didn't think I would like them but up close they look like really lovely solid buggys.
I'm a bit overwhealmed by all the iCandy options tbh.
On paper the Strawberry looks best for me but I think the basket would annoy me and I just really like the look of the peach.
Is there that much of a difference, should I just accept the basket and go for the cheaper option?
What's the deal with the 'flavour' packages what exactly is it?
I looked on best buggy am I right in thinking you need to buy the hood separately?

The others that match the description but I haven't properly seen are the Joolz Day, Phil and Teds Smart, Uppababy and the Stokke one.
Any opinions would be wonderful and really appreciated.

Tiggywunkle Wed 24-Apr-13 23:35:15

There's about £105 between a Peach and a Strawberry and TBH I agree about the basket. I am a long term Peach fan, and thought the Strawberry was so similar that I may end up preferring it especially given the one piece, freestanding fold. However in reality I lost too many things out of the basket. The Peach basket is a good shape to pack and I have never lost anything out of it.
I had a Cameleon, moved to a Peach and revelled in the solidity and ease of use of the Peach after the more wobbly, faffy Cameleon. I later got pangs to try another Cameleon, so bought another and once the novelty had worn off, I swapped back again to the Peach and the Cameleon got sold. The Buffalo interests me more because it seems similar to the Donkey which has the solidity the Cameleon doesnt.
Dont get me wrong, both the Cam, Peach and Strawberry are top of the pushchair lists for me, but the Peach is my personal favourite from these.

Yes, the Strawberry does need Flavour packs as these are the hood / apron / liner sets - you need a Flavour pack for the pushchair and another for the carrycot.

The Joolz for me is big, heavy and cumbersome. If you walked loads, then I would suggest this one. Its not one to put in and out of the car loads. The Vista is lovely. Again it sits with the Cam, Peach and Strawberry as being excellent. I find the Xplory strange and its a PITA to use. The P&Ts Smart - the new one is supposed to be better, but if you have a Cam, Vista, Strawberry or a Peach on the table, then go for one of those!

MotheringShites Wed 24-Apr-13 23:38:31

I've had many pushchairs with my twins and subsequent singleton and the icandy peach is by far the best. Reversible seat, huge basket space and great to push. Definitely recommended.

tethersend Wed 24-Apr-13 23:41:39

You don't say what your budget is, but the Bugaboo Buffalo looks pretty good...

bobsnotabuilder Thu 25-Apr-13 00:07:09

Obaby zezu?

HortonHEARSaboo Thu 25-Apr-13 08:21:53

Tiggy with so little between them if I was to go for an icandy it seems like the peach is the way to go. So it's only the strawberry that needs a flavour pack, the others come with the hoods?

Yeah the Stokke does look very strange I'm not sure how I would get on pushing it up the huge hill I live on.

teth I forgot there is a new Bugaboo coming out, will definitely be interested in the reviews.

So the Peach is looking the favourite or possibly the Cam.

The Peach does interest me from a practical point of view that it could be added to for additional children. But I do wonder how easy it would be to get the second child out of the back seat when in chair mode?
I looked up YouTube but I couldn't find a film of anyone loading kids in and out of it.

HortonHEARSaboo Thu 25-Apr-13 08:24:19

bob I've never heard of the Obaby before it does look nice but I'm I'm not keen on air filled tires I'm rubbish at repairing punctures.
I have bad memories from the P+T vibe...

saycheeeeeese Thu 25-Apr-13 08:31:26

Anything by Jane, I have the trider but its 4wheel version is the rider, shopping basket not amazing but the pram more than makes up for it.

The Jane muum is also very good. Solid wheels too so no punctures and the muum has a huge basket.

Conana Thu 25-Apr-13 11:41:05

This sounds like me 4 years ago, I went through the icandy and bugaboo options and in the end went for the icandy apple.

It's been absolutely fantastic, you just can't beat the size, I can fit a weeks shopping and all my baby gear in the basket and the seat is a big enough for an enormous toddler. One of the best buys of my life! You wouldn't want it if you're carrrying it in and out of a car everyday (we've got a lightweight maclaren as well) but if you're going to be walking around it's such a smooth ride-feels like you're not pushing anything, also works great with a buggy board in the future. Seat and basket space outdo anything else I've seen on the market (eg other icandy or bugaboo) and it's been bashed about everyday for four year with two children and still going for no. 3 smile

MiaowTheCat Thu 25-Apr-13 12:23:37

I swear you could have fitted a small country in the basket of my old iCandy Cherry.

GwendolineMaryLacey Thu 25-Apr-13 12:27:10

I had an Apple too and have only just sold it, the reason being that we never walked anywhere! Now I've started to walk the school run I really miss it as it was ideal for this, a real workhorse of a pushchair.

I now have a Bee, which I'm on the verge of selling and a Baby Jogger City Mini which I've fallen in love with against my better judgement. It's not rear facing though.

HortonHEARSaboo Thu 25-Apr-13 13:12:29

So it's looking like its going to be an icandy, but which one?
I was thinking of using the carry cot for napping instead of a Moses basket, I take it they are comfortable enough?
I don't intend to fold it too often as the pram/pushchair will live in the dinning room.
I will also use trains a lot but you don't usually have to fold them as they aren't busy trains.

So pros and cons

The strawberry folds but has a rubbish basket
If the basket was better I would probably go for this, is there anyway of removing the basket and replacing it?

The Peach seems to be a favourite has the option of turning into a double. But it is more expensive and 2 piece fold.

The Apple another excellent buggy can convert to double but reviews say its not as good in double mode as the Peach.
Why is it so much cheaper, does it cut corners somewhere?

What about the cherry not many have mentioned that one?

Do the icandy a have good suspension like the Bugaboos?

I have seen a brand new Bug Cam 2 for sale for around £600 I must admit I'm tempted to snap it up at that price!
One bonus I like the cam for is the basket bag meaning I wouldn't need another bag I could put the baby stuff in there instead.

HortonHEARSaboo Thu 25-Apr-13 13:22:02

Forgot to ask do the icandys have the wrist band? I really like these particularly due to living on a really high hill.

Ihateparties Thu 25-Apr-13 17:30:45

They don't but you can buy a buggytug to go on anything. No one has mentioned the baby jogger versa yet, that too fits your bill nicely.

DoodleAlley Thu 25-Apr-13 17:40:01

I got a cam 3 and love love love it. Looked at the icandy's but they didn't feel as smooth changing positions etc.

Have you considered uppa baby vista? It's a which best buy and is incredibly smooth and great value. Would have been my first choice except handle was too high for me.

Just a personal choice but worth you getting a look while you can. Most of these things come down to personal preferences in the end.

Hope the pg goes well

Locketjuice Thu 25-Apr-13 19:03:09

Britax vigour 4? I have one and its a lovely pushchair, basket isn't particularly big but I have shopping hooks so doesn't really matter its big enough iyswim smile

HortonHEARSaboo Thu 25-Apr-13 20:12:00

Will look up buggy tugs, thanks for the tip.

doodle does the bumper bar come off on the Cam 3? I've seen online that they can swing around but I'm not keen on them.

I've never really like the look of baby joggers online, haven't managed to see one in RL so will try. The high handle might be an issue I'm quite short.

Locket goggled the Britax looks like a nice buggy I will try and track it down to see in person. Does it have a reversible seat?

HortonHEARSaboo Thu 25-Apr-13 20:13:38

Just wanted to say thank you all so much with the help, it's really helping me organise what I do want try try see in person and what I won't bother with helping cut down on time I will spend dashing around shops.

SignoraStronza Thu 25-Apr-13 20:26:45

My friend really rates her uppababy vista. She doesn't drive and is always out and about with it. Might be worth a look too. seems like a really sturdy pram.

Zoomania Thu 25-Apr-13 20:36:09

Love my icandy peach. Basket huge but is a little difficult to put things unit when carrycot is them individually rather than trying to put whole carrier bag of shopping in at once. So easy to push.

Even though 2 piece fold is so easy. Found bugaboo difficult in comparison. Feels so sturdy.

I got a wrist strap from amazon and some storksak clips for my bag.

There was noticeable quality difference with the apple...go and rattle them.

Wouldn't swap my peach for anything.

DoodleAlley Thu 25-Apr-13 21:30:57

The bumper bar comes off the cam 3 you just push the white buttons on both sides.

As I said I do love it but, hand on heart, if the handle isnt too hug for you the vista is a better made pushchair and half the price. They also do a slightly lighter version I recall called the crux but it's muh harder to see in the flesh. John Lewis have the vista on view near us.

DoodleAlley Thu 25-Apr-13 21:32:18

The bumper bar comes off the cam 3 you just push the white buttons on both sides.

As I said I do love it but, hand on heart, if the handle isnt too hug for you the vista is a better made pushchair and half the price. They also do a slightly lighter version I recall called the crux but it's muh harder to see in the flesh. John Lewis have the vista on view near us.

CruCru Thu 25-Apr-13 21:36:37

I love my Uppababy Vista. You can also get a buggy board / rumble seat for it if you have another child.

DoodleAlley Thu 25-Apr-13 21:58:32

Cruz not crux sorry

Brugmansia Fri 26-Apr-13 04:11:39

I have a strawberry and really like it. The basket is shallow but I don't find it that bad, certainly not rubbish. I've fitted quite a lot in and not lost anything. Don't forget there is also the additional zip up storage compartment in the seat unit too.

The thing I really like is how maneuverable it is. I use buses and trains a lot and it's really easy getting on and off and moving it around on board. I don't know how the peach compares on this but it is longer so I would expect less easy.

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