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Recommendations for a pram for 2 month & 2 year old please?!

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MrsO85 Tue 23-Apr-13 12:49:41

I am sure this kind of question has been asked a million times before but after reading many reviews I am completely confused about which pram to buy. My 2 year old daughter does like to walk but is a dawdler and will still sleep when we are on long walks. I'd like to be able to take the pram on public transport and be able to go to town - ie actually fit through the shop doors! I did have an obaby zynergi zoom but found it too heavy with my daughter sat in the front (had baby boy in a carry cot facing me).
Also what do people think to buggy pods? I'd not heard of them but came across one on ebay by chance.

Be very grateful for any advice! Many thanks smile

blueberryupsidedown Tue 23-Apr-13 12:57:58

never seen a buggy pod byt they lool like a pain to me. You can't fold the buggy when it's on. You need to buy seperate rain cover. There's no sun shade.

The absolute easiest to push is a out and about nipper, but it's wide and a pain to fold. Does your DD1 still sleep in the pushchair sometimes?

Personally I don't like phil and ted, the child underneath is nearly on the floor and can't see anything and where do you put your shopping?

I prefer side by side, but that's just me. One and front and one back, there's the Graco Quattro which is OK if you 're on a budget. Otherwise, I am sure that other people will have more expensive suggestions. It's up to your budget...

MrsO85 Tue 23-Apr-13 16:05:50

She does like a nap yes, which is what is making it difficult. If she didn't nap and walked a bit better I'd probably manage with a buggy board...but then again I've heard pretty negative views about those too!

Ideally I'd like to spend no more than about 250/300...I simply refuse to spend almost £1000 on a pram - i think people lose perspective a little. You could buy a car for as much as some people spend on prams these days lol. If somebody recommended a more expensive pram I am not averse to buying second hand though...

blueberryupsidedown Tue 23-Apr-13 16:43:30

Buggy boards are a pain, especially for a two year old. They just get down and run off, it's heavy to push. One very good double that gets good reviews here is the city mini double jogger, or something like that. It's expensive though.

MrsO85 Tue 23-Apr-13 17:06:47

Just had a read of some reviews...sounds like it could be an option. Thank you smile

cleverbit Wed 24-Apr-13 16:20:27

MrsO85 have you had any revelations? I'm looking for a double for my soon to be 2 years old dd1 and soon to be born dd2 and I've been watching your thread with interest. As an added complication I'm trying to work out how to get baby, toddler and buggy all up/down the flight of stairs between our flat and the building's front door. I've basically resigned myself to making two trips but still can't decide on a pram. I can't even decide between tandem and side by side.

MrsGubbins Wed 24-Apr-13 17:34:45

I'd recommend the baby jogger city mini, I have it for my 2.5 yr old and newborn. it's so easy to handle, I've found it easier to steer than the Maclaren I was using before new baby arrived, I can carry newborn and push it with one hand when needs be, large basket underneath and it folds up really easily, have a look on you tube for demo videos. I think it's about 75cms wide and has a great turning circle.

2.5yr old also falls asleep in it which she never did in the Maclaren techno, it lies flat and the hood folds down quite far making a nice dark cocoon!

MrsGubbins Wed 24-Apr-13 17:39:05

I tried the baby jogger city select tandem and found it heavy to steer and lift up even without toddler & baby in it, the city mini is side by side and I can lift it up over a curb one handed.

Tiggywunkle Wed 24-Apr-13 23:53:27

To be honest, you get what you pay for with a double pushchair. There are a few which break this rule - namely the Smyths tandems - but generally if you have a lower budget, then buy a good brand second hand, then a cheap brand new IYKWIM.

Buggy boards and buggy pods are a pain....a tandem or double is so much simpler. If you can stretch the budget a little, I would suggest you have a good look at the Oyster Max. With your age gap, it could work well for you.
Side by sides are less problematic than tandems and its easier to choose a cheaper side by side eg Baby Jogger City Mini Double or a second hand Air Buggy Mimi or Nipper and have a pushchair which does a good job.

MrsO85 Fri 26-Apr-13 16:39:07

Thanks for the input Cleverbit, MrsGubbins and Tiggywunkle. Funnily enough I was just looking at the oyster max. Looks like it could be a good option but again it is just so expensive. There don't seem to be any for sale second hand either, although I've only searched eBay. Do you know of any other sites which might be worth a look?
The city mini double does get great only concern is how I would go on in the shops in town. Do you think I would manage?
Tiggywunkle, your suggestion to have both a tandem and side by side could be my solution if I can stretch the pennies! Do you think the smyths tandem is a good option? I had looked at that too but like I said in my initial post, I've looked so much I'm just totally stuck. PRAM OVERLOAD lol

Ihateparties Fri 26-Apr-13 17:04:30

I've had the smyths dimples duo last year and currently have the mobi tandem. The duo imo is slightly less solid feeling despite being larger and heavier but has the seating options you need. Baby lying flat on top parent facing, two year old underneath in fully reclinable bucket shaped seat. If your elder child walks a lot however then the mobi is good but has its limitations. The lower toddler seat is fixed upright so the toddler has the sleep like that, plus the upper seat is suitable from six months unless you put a wedge in or a smartmuff to flatten it or you can use a cabriofix for the baby but that's not ideal either. The mobi is really best suited to a 6m plus baby and toddler who doesn't need to ride every outing. The top seat parent faces when the toddler isn't in there and it really is very compact.

I had a city mini double too and found lots of shops and places i couldn't get but I do live in a medieval city, I would think a lot of places would be fine.

MrsGubbins Sat 27-Apr-13 09:40:21

the bjcm is 29" wide, you could do what I did and look a little bit daft but I took a piece of ribbon that long out with me and checked doorways, checkout aisles, lift doors etc before I bought it to see if it would fit! it became a bit of a game with DH.

Ihateparties Sat 27-Apr-13 12:19:38

That's kind of it really ^^ it needs to go the places you go, end of. If a side by side fits and you aren't pushing a half empty one 75% of the time then they're usually the simplest option.

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