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GingerDoodle Mon 22-Apr-13 10:25:02

Right DD is almost 7 months.

My requirements:

Parent facing
Forward facing option
Sturdy - I do 3 hours + out and about a day; including public transport.
Highest sear unit possible.
Comfortable for DD

We have a Mutsy 4Rider which I love as a pram, is ok with the car seat BUT as a buggy DD just looks uncomfortable, its a tad heavy and parent facing the basket becomes minuet. The seat unit is also quite low down.

I have played with the Mothercare Orb and love it - DD looks a lot more comfortable, its light and the seat is nice and high but its £400 which I think is really high. The older version, the Spin (and indeed the Gracio Symbio B) look the same but all i've read reviews about the chassis folding itself going down curbs!

Any advice? Will DD just grow into the Mutsy and i'll be wasting money?

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