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Mountain Buggy duet- anyone using one with a big toddler?

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Conana Sun 21-Apr-13 16:07:17

Just that really-we have a narrow front door and our Out n About was useless with dc1 and dc2, baby jogger city mini twin also won't fit. I'm now expecting dc3 and really want a side by side as my toddler just won't be happy in anything else. But he's really big. We've tried out the Mountain Buggy duet in John Lewis but you don't get much of an idea on the shop floor.

Dh thinks it's perfect because it's so narrow but I'm worried how long it'll last and how comfortable dc2 will be-he's already 20 months and off the graph on the centile chart. I'll be doing the daily school run with it so need a reliable buggy! (it won't need to fit in the car).

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Ihateparties Sun 21-Apr-13 18:47:04

How narrow is your door? Would the 72cm nipper v2 fit? Also I suppose depends why you though the nipper you had was useless though.

I had a duet briefly, the seats are snug but not ridiculous. dc2 was just about fine at taller side of average height and bang on average weight at hmm just over 2y9m. Had it been dc1 he'd have looked rather squashed as he weighed the same 13.5kg as she did at that age by 14months.

Realistically it's not well suited to a bigger child but if your door is narrow and you don't want a tandem then there aren't a lot of options.

bumbleandbumble Tue 23-Apr-13 21:42:00

I had mine with a big toddler. The weight limit is very high on the duet...I dont think its a problem. My toddler filled the seat completely, but she never complained and always said she liked it, she slept a lot in it too!

TinyPenguin Tue 30-Apr-13 16:30:40

I'm still using my duet with a 3 year old & 16mth old and they're both fine & still easy to manoeuvre etc
3 year old will still sleep in it and 16 mth old still has his thickly padded footmuff on his seat

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