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OK 'fess up - how many have you been through?

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MiaowTheCat Thu 18-Apr-13 09:38:30

Interested to see how bad I am in comparison - how many pushchairs have you been through?

I've had -

A horrible Hauck I hated (fobbed it off onto grandparents)
iCandy Cherry - I loved it... it was red - I'm easily pleased. Bought it second hand and sold it on for just a tenner or so less than I paid for it -but I miss its lovely big snuggly cuddleable basket...
Cheapo Koochi umbrella fold with one asbo wheel - wrecked it using it to lean on when I couldn't use crutches for my SPD carrying baby number 2 (shoved in shed for the miracle day DD1 decides to become a walker).

Currently have -
B-dual - it's red so I like it - although the big wheels are irritating me a bit... ongoing theme here?
Cosatto double that gets left in the car that I got cheap off Gumtree... it's pink which I hate, it's got one of the twee slogans on which I hate (sugar and spice - had to look for ages for one suitable for two girls to come up) but it pushes OK and fits in the rear seat footwells easily enough plus is lie-flat (we can't always have a pushchair in the boot of our car with having two dogs to transport - so this gets abused for dog walking days out)

Plus there's a M+P double umbrella fold that does lie-flat at my mum's house to save us taking a buggy up there with us.

Hubby thinks this is excessive - moi?!

tethersend Sun 05-May-13 12:19:27

Over the course of two kids:

1. Silver cross 1970s coach built pram

2. Silver cross dazzle

3. Bugaboo Cameleon

4. Micralite Toro

5. Micralite fastfold superlite. This is the last buggy I will ever buy- its amazing.

chocolatemartini Sun 05-May-13 13:02:16

1 DS, 18 mo. errr, 5 buggies blush

1. Maclaren xlr. Hated it and had pram envy. Also got into baby wearing and never used it. Sold

2. Sola. Hated the shopping basket. Sold

3. iCandy cherry. Handlebar too low, seat too reclined in its most upright position. Sold

4. Cameleon. Love love love... Just wish it was narrow enough for bus travel which I do a lot.

5. Maclaren quest. Bought for buses. Hate the way DS sits slumped in it, hate the lack of suspension, like its width and that I can carry it up and down stairs with him in. Wish I could afford a bee+ instead though

MultipleMama Sun 05-May-13 14:05:59

I've had;

Jane Twone - sold after a few months for baby space reasons.
Babyzen yoyo - was stolen!
Graco - first ever purchase lasted until twins arrived.

Currently have;

ABC Adventure Quad Buggy - expecting 2nd set of twins in Dec.
BJCM GT Double - to replace Jane Twone.
Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Stroller (Hello Dolly) 2nd hand - to replace stolen Babyzen.

Hoping to replace BJ when StrollAir my duo hits the UK.

I'm now a stroller convert haha.

MultipleMama Sun 05-May-13 14:14:19

Oh and my DF has a simple single from asda and an obaby apollo - recently bought for when he all 4 dc.

tethersend Sun 05-May-13 14:18:13

Multiplemama, did you say a second set of twins?! I salute you grin

MirandaWest Sun 05-May-13 14:18:21

I had

Mamas and Papas grey umbrella fold travel system one
Phil and Teds
Maclaran Triumph

(These were all good although had I realised I would have two children within 2 years would have gone straight for Mamas and Papas)

Also had cheap Chicco and cheap Mothercsre ones. Holidays I think. This was not good.

Was for two children. Used to be able to identify buggies at 100 paces but haven't had one for 4.5 years now....

WeOnlyPlannedTheFirst Sun 05-May-13 16:44:19

Ds1 is 21 months and Ds2 & dd are 4 months and we've had:

Mothercare Curv travel system - I liked it and didn't realise how heavy it was until my back went which forced me to get a light stroller
Cosatto Swift Lite Supa - great little cheapy stroller and still in use after 15 months albeit in hubby's car so I don't use it anymore
Koochi cheap umbrella fold from Argos - at GP's who have ds1 2 days/week. He mostly walks now.
Petite Star Zia - bought as a tiny single for my car but didn't fit with my double so given to my mum. Paid £20 of eBay and it's pretty knackered but has never actually been used by us at all.
Mikado Duet pram for twins - too big so sold on ebay. It was too much of a faff separating seat unit, carrycots and chassis for loading in and out car
Nipper 360 double - love love love! Hoping to never need an alternative double
Kiddicare triple side by side - not yet used. Not sure I will as currently carry one twin when required when out with all 3 kids
On my shopping list - Babyzen Yoyo. For my car when I'm out with just ds1 or want to nip somewhere with twins and will carry one. Not ordered yet but not sure why not as hubby says I can! Somethings making me hold back!!

MultipleMama Sun 05-May-13 17:08:15

tether Yup 2nd set. 1st were MoMo boys, they're 7mo old. I'm now 9+5 weeks with fraternal. Madness.

tethersend Sun 05-May-13 17:32:46

<faints dead away>

Congratulations smile

Tribblewithoutacause Sun 05-May-13 18:45:32

<hands medal to multiple>


MultipleMama Sun 05-May-13 19:37:08

Thank you smile

Twattybollocks Tue 07-May-13 06:07:40

Erm lots. And lots. My pram addiction is a standing joke in our family!
Ds1, graco Quattro, and urban detour.
Dd2 graco stadium duo, pliko, pliko switch, ultima, Luna, nuna, buzz, icoo, loola, loola up, cameleon, dazzle, cameleon, dazzle, cameleon, Macarena, frog, cameleon, bee, bee plus. Several dozen more that I can't recall, these are the ones I remember as being very good or spectacularly crap.
This baby is 3mo and so far I've had a joolz (broken and going back to shop) a cameleon 2, and a cameleon 3. I've just bought a stokke evo which may well cure me of my addiction. I've got my eye on a peach jogger for my walking pushchair, and a stokke scoot to throw in and out of the car for quick trips where I can't be arsed to set up the evo. My sister currently has my bee on long term loan.
I can't help myself, they are just so pretty and shiny blush

Twattybollocks Tue 07-May-13 06:08:23

Sorry, Macarena should read maclaren!

conorsrockers Tue 07-May-13 06:15:24

One single maclaren
One double maclaren.

3 kids over 7 years.


MummyPig24 Tue 07-May-13 13:27:45

2 kids, 5 years.

Luna- green, liked it.

Obaby Atlas -bought for holiday, hated it.

Phil & Teds sport- loved it, sold it after 2 years to downsize.

Quinny zapp- it was ok, mainly used with the car seat on.

BJCM - loved it but just sold it as dd is getting too old for buggies and I needed to sell one.

Maclaren Quest - it is ok. I don't find it very easy to push but its only a year old and dd does use it a fair bit so I've hung on to it.

TwitchyTail Thu 09-May-13 08:38:59

I am on my third and my DS (first child) is 10 weeks old.


I remember starting a thread here when I was pregnant, asking why people spent so much money on pushchairs, because I honestly couldn't see how one differed from another.

<hollow laugh>

<wipes egg from face>

Sheepasaurus Mon 13-May-13 23:35:42

Daughter is 13mo. So far we have/have had:

Silvercross 3D - bought from a friend including car seat for £50. Heavy and awkward to steer and a bugger to fold up/down. She outgrew the carrycot by 3 months. Gave it away to women's refuge after 6 months.

Huack sport stroller - got this on ebay for £27. Needed a buggy that would be easier for the bus and also fit in the back of my mums ford ka. Nice big shopping basket but a bit low for me to push for too long (5ft10) and husband struggles to push it at all (6ft1). It is also starting to feel a bit 'flimsy' now baby weighs about 28lbs.

Red kite basic stroller - non reclining lurid pink stroller that I hate. Was £7 on sainsbury's website on sale, normally about £25 I think. Bought it because it was £7! Currently lives at my mums house.

Graco 'travel system' - got this on ebay for £10:50. Came with a car seat and base. Base went straight to the tip and car seat was never used in the car (didn't trust it). Got this one because we wanted a sturdier pushchair with higher handles that my husband can push. Loved it at first but getting a bit heavy now and takes up most of the car boot so on Saturday will be picking up.....

Cosatto swift lite - £15 from local Facebook selling page. Don't know what it's like as haven't got it yet but if I like it I will be selling the Huack and graco.

I am still lusting after a BJCM though....

TwitchyTail Tue 14-May-13 08:23:44

Sheepasaurus, the BJCM was actually the pushchair I sold. I am officially the only person in the whole universe who didn't like it. Heresy I know.

fairimum Tue 14-May-13 12:04:47

Icandy Cherry - 2nd hand LOVED it, eventually the seat unit clips broke
urban detour for dog walks (too big)
Bugaboo Cameleon - just didn't like it
Nipper 360 double
Phil & teds Sport
Britax Vigour 3
Umbrella stroller for holidays
quinny zapp Xtra
Uppababy Vista (LOVE it!)
Quinny Zapp
Phil & Teds Dot

Sure there are more.... but my Vista is my favourite, have rumble seat and piggy back board, actually have just brought another one 2nd hand (bargain) to keep in the caravan - I LOVE it!! smile

fairimum Tue 14-May-13 12:07:34

ooo had a luna too

fairimum Tue 14-May-13 12:11:28

oo and a bjcm!

Suzieismyname Tue 14-May-13 12:30:31

2 DDs and 2 pushchairs...
How on earth can you afford the money and space for more?
We only bought a second one (silver cross pop) because the first (loola up)was so difficult to fold up and put in the car once DD1 had grown out of the infant carrier.

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