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oyster colour packs cant decide

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me2013 Wed 17-Apr-13 10:58:28

ive bought the babystyle oyster pushchair in mirror finish but cant pick which colour to buy.i know im having a girl and will be due last week of august i really like the hot pink but think it could be to bright on either carrycot or pushchair as i will be using through winter months also like the grape but my partner don't,claret but havent seen this in any shops not not sure what shade it will be or should i go for tomato any opinion would be great to hear if anyone has these colours.

anna080 Wed 17-Apr-13 12:14:08

Just had a look at the colours online and I like the grape best, if you can persuade your partner! You could say that as you will be using it most of the time then it's only fair you get to choose the colour smile

MiaowTheCat Wed 17-Apr-13 18:47:21

I tend to err on the side of the darker deeper colours being better where pushchairs are concerned - they show the dirt less, and when you consider buggies are out in the rain, snow and all weathers - not showing the dirt is good!

And veto blokes on pram colour choices - I didn't and ended up with a brown buggy we junked as I couldn't cope with the depressing colour!

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