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Pushchair advice when one parent is short, and the other is tall

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chocolatesolveseverything Sun 14-Apr-13 20:53:56

I would love some advice on this please. Me and DH are expecting DC1 this summer and it's about time we got round to choosing a pushchair I think. I've started reading all the reviews and advice, which are pretty bamboozline after a while to be honest, but one thing I've picked up is that the height of the parent can make quite a bit of difference to which one you want.

I'm 5ft tall and DH is 6ft3. Whilst I'll probably use it the most, I certainly don't want to pick out anything that doesn't give him enough stride length, etc.

Other relevent factors in pushchair selection are as follows:
- Will be used mostly on pavements in the city, sometimes quite hilly areas. Occasionally will be used on grass, dirt tracks, etc on walks.
- Will be used on buses quite a bit I expect
- We're currently looking for a new car, but don't expect to be getting anything very big
- I'd like a good shopping basket
- Will be used from birth for a couple of years
- Not too worried about price - we have vouchers saved up after wedding last year to help with cost if needed so I'm happy to pay more for good quality.

So far the Babyjogger City Mini GT is catching my eye, but any other suggestions or thoughts on that?

Thank you!

Wylye Sun 14-Apr-13 23:27:07

I've got the BJCM - would have loved the GT for its adjustable handlebar! But, it's a few kg heavier, and I'm feeble at carrying things up our front steps. blush
I find the BJCM a bit short for me at 5'6", and DH does too at 6', so you'll be fine, but your DH will def appreciate the GTs handle.

In most other ways its great, I find the new improved basket space completely adequate, the fold mechanism is soooo easy, and it's v comfy for DS - I have a sheepskin liner in there too tho.

It's very manoeuvrable, but can get very heavy to turn when it's full of stuff. Can also be a bit 'tippy' if you're not careful, but you soon get used to the ways to minimise this - approach steps/curbs straight on, corner gently etc.

I'll probably get the adjuster clips so I can use the carseat on it with a newborn - I liked DS being parent facing when we had our old pushchair (iCandy Cherry, which was also great btw, but only on loan to us).

Ihateparties Mon 15-Apr-13 00:28:39

In contrast I think the city mini handle is on the higher side. It does depend on how you like to push, I don't care what position my arms are in unless i'm stooping, which is basically never (I'm 5'8") but I know people who like to push with their forearms horizontal. Which obviously puts a different spin on your perception of what is low and what is high.

I got a city mini gt last friday after a loooong baby jogger absence and must say i'm loving it. As in inventing outings as an excuse to use it sort of love grin If you want parent facing beyond 6 months then Versas are great, Uppababy vista fits the bill, perhaps have a look at the new silver cross wayfarer. I'm having a brain fail but with your not too specific criteria you will have lots of options.

Tiggywunkle Mon 15-Apr-13 00:46:43

I agree with parties. I am 5ft 6 ins and the City Mini handle is just a tad too tall for me - probably too tall and I tend to hold it at the sides where its lower. I have to say I do mind where my arms are and the BJCMGT gives me the perfect handle height. I would rather have a higher handle bar than a lower one though.

The BJCM4 as opposed to the 3, and the GT are more stable and grounded. I always advise not getting the BJCM3 if you plan to use a car seat or carrycot, or need to hold the hand of a toddler when walking.

chocolatesolveseverything Mon 15-Apr-13 22:19:59

Great advice so far, thanks!

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