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Jane Powertrack 360 -> Powertwin

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magpieC Thu 11-Apr-13 23:07:12

I have an old (approx 8 years) Powertrack360 which I got second hand along with the carrycot and carseat (I assume Matrix but we never used it as I preferred the carrycot).

I really liked the Powertrack and now we're now expecting DC2 (DS1 is 22months) I wondered whether the Powertwin would be a good "upgrade" from the Powertrack?

I'm not sure if there are different models of Powertwin - I'd be looking for second hand again. Can anyone comment on how the Powertwin compares to the Powertrack 360 in terms of size (folded and unfolded), weight, steerability etc and whether they think it would be good for a baby and 2year old?

I also wondered whether the Powertrack carrycot could be fitted alongside a seat or whether we would have to use a carseat with it (and if so whether the carseat we've got would fit or whether I'd need to find one being sold with carseat (not that we'd use it in the car - have a seat for that already).

Thanks for any input you can offer!

hudsonriver1 Sun 14-Apr-13 08:55:38

Hi. I have just purchased a powertwin. I am a childminder. I have a prob with front wheel as when I turn the button to swivel it it feels like it keeps trying to click back into place and then often does. Do you have this trouble?

magpieC Thu 18-Apr-13 22:28:48

Not really - it does occasionally move back to the locked position but usually only after a bumpy ride!

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