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Phil and teds Navigator help! How to "fold in" the fabric at back of main seat

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scarlet5tyger Sun 07-Apr-13 22:19:04

I've just bought a Navigator and am really struggling to work out how to stop the fabric at the back of the main seat hanging down onto the head of the baby in the double seat below! I previously owned a P&T sport and had no such problem as the clasp was higher and seemed to tuck the fabric in better. Now each side of the main unit dangles at the back when it's fully upright.

I'm currently improvising by fastening an extra strap that was in the box around the top of the whole seat unit (I can't work out another use for this extra strap!) but am sure that can't be correct.

Also, I have yet another extra strap that has three poppers along it, that I can find no purpose for!

Any help gratefully received.

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