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Problems with an uppababy?

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jumperooo Sun 07-Apr-13 16:21:30

I have a Vista that was bought in august last year and used from October. A month ago the front wheels became shaky and the left in particular was spinning all the time, coming off the ground etc.

Uppababy sent replacement wheels as they said shimmying wheels is a known issue on some 2012 models but the problem continued so they collected the frame for repair. They say they have replaced the wheel housing which has resolved the problem. Whilst the frame was in for repair they gave us a loan pram but I noticed today that it was also doing the same thing with the front left wheel.

Meanwhile, our frame has been returned to us, but with a deep scratch on the frame.

We were out when the frame was returned so at the moment we have our buggy as well as the loan vista. I have emailed their support team to complain about the scratch but I'm wondering if anyone else has has similar issues? Apart from this we love the Vista, and they get fab reviews but should this be happening on a £600 pushchair that's only been used for six months?

jumperooo Sun 07-Apr-13 16:23:35

Sorry long post!

awkwardsis Mon 08-Apr-13 00:42:22

My friend just had the same exact issue, expect hers did it straight out of the box! Took their tiny dd for her first walk and could barely steer the thing. She emailed uppababy as she thought maybe the wheels needed treating with something as they seemed ok on supermarket rubber floors but impossible outside. They sent her a whole new chassis and wheels, next day delivery and no questions asked. Very good customer service but absolutely terrible for such an expensive product to be so defective. She's considering selling the new one and buying something else as she too is worried it'll just happen again.

jumperooo Mon 08-Apr-13 09:01:06

There must be some defect 2012 models around, its the only explanation.

Well they have already emailed me back this morning to say they will send me a new frame free of charge, their customer service team are excellent, but that's another day I will have to give up to wait around indoors for the courier.

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