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Pram ideas pls: Newborn, 2 flights of stairs, doesn't wake her up

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kayjays Sun 07-Apr-13 15:10:13


I'm looking for a light-weight pram/pushchair system thing, that can be used from birth and that is as light as possible as I live in a 2nd floor flat.

I'd appreciate advice on whether to get one with a carrycot (e.g. Uppababy Cruz) so that I can detach it and not have to wake her up, or whether to stick with an all-in-one pram (e.g. Bugaboo Bee). With that, I could whip her out and carry her in one arm, the whole pram in the other and have the changing bag (backpack) on my back.

But I'm thinking that if she constantly cries and only settles when she goes for a walk, and I'm at my wits-end having not sleep for months, then I'd curse the day I bought a pram that disturbed her sleep!

I guess at 6 months they grow out of the carry cot and have to woken up from the chair anyway?

By the way, there are 10 steps from the street to the front door, then 2 flights inside the building. We're not allowed to leave anything in the corridor and we have a garage spot but leaving a pram there would mean another set of stairs or a longer walk up a slope (and security, mould etc).

Any advice gratefully received!!!

Rockchick1984 Sun 07-Apr-13 15:48:51

Honestly - having been in the same situation, I'd recommend using a sling as much as possible if you think baby will be asleep by the time you get home! The carry cot on most prams will be outgrown before 6 months, and its a pain carrying the pram up and downstairs!

The best pram we used was a baby jogger city mini (although we used it when DS was out of the carry cot) it's light and easy to carry with 1 hand, baby in the other arm.

I've had 6 prams for DS, that was the only one I carried up the stairs, the others I had to leave in the car on the street outside even if I hadn't taken the car out!

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Apr-13 12:40:28

Have a look at the Casual Play Livi - its suitable from birth, lies flat, and is neat and easy to carry. They are coming to the UK soon and TBH in your shoes, that is what I would be buying from first impressions. I am quite sure, you could secure some kind of cocoon - phil&teds / snunkie etc inside for scooping the baby out with, but you would have to do some more research on that. The Petite Star Bubble also is lie flat and could probably be dragged upstairs?? The Musty Evo has a carrying handle underneath and that is suitable from birth with or without the carrycot. There are a number of things I would look at which could be carried or dragged TBH. I think a sling is probably the best option, but bear in mind a C-Section may make carrying the baby harder, plus my back was agony post birth.

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