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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan??

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MiaowTheCat Tue 18-Jun-13 12:39:42

Actually the newborn bit in the P+T Explorer's been a godsend for us - I thought she'd hate it as I really didn't like the idea, but it's been one of the few places my very refluxy, very vomity, very unbloodydiagnosed CMPI little one would visibly relax and sleep contendently - think it was the slight swinging motion of it on lie-totally-flat setting, plus being dark because it was in double mode... just annoyingly she's bloody outgrown it even with the cocoon taken out! (I have two very tall children - the little one's outgrown to the point of not being able to straighten her legs fully - 3-6 month babygros at the age of 13 weeks).

I don't do kerb pop though - it's more of a kerb geriatric creak peppered with a cloud of obscenities... probably wouldn't make a nice advertising slogan though.

LPJandLKJ Tue 18-Jun-13 11:51:54

I have the cosmopolitan and its really good. Its great when its forward facing and my little one falls asleep as i can lie it flat and be almost like in carrycot. Its easy to use I've used mine in rough parks terrain to shopping centres. I know alot of people rave on about baby jogger but a few of my friends had them and they said it was heavy and again they have their problems too.
Cant fault the one I have and I've had since it first came out.

StrawberryMonkey Wed 10-Apr-13 11:50:37

I think your money would be wisely spent on a BJ Versa. I have one myself and love it!

There's not much "kerb pop" (pt's latest catch phrase) on an old E3 so I would look out for a second hand Easylife Sport for the beach as an alternative personally. They're a nice push and very sturdy and durable. Try and get one in the best condition you can afford, and be prepared to take a spanner and hand tighten bolts and grease the wheels. The fabrics withstand a quick cool wash in the machine in my experience too.

kiwiee Wed 10-Apr-13 09:47:05

OK, that's really sound, and unanimous, advice! Thanks everyone.

I'd love an Uppababy Vista but the thing is, I'm in New Zealand and you can't get them here. The main brands are P&T, MB and BabyJogger. People tend to take their buggies down to the beach a lot so the offroady type ones are popular.

We've been given a third hand P&T, funnily enough Strawberry, it's an E3 explorer! However, the hood and the back cover are knackered and it seems very heavy and cumbersome. Also, as far as I can tell, when it's a newborn the baby's head will be knocking about my shins?! We'd budgeted for a pushchair so I was thinking of keeping the P&T for if we need something offroad, but buying something lighter, easier in the city and ideally parent-facing.

So, would you go for:

BJ Versa
Quinny Buzz 3
MB Urban Jungle

Or am I just being precious and if I tarted up the old P&T, it would be absolutely fine?

uhohitwasntme Tue 09-Apr-13 16:53:44

buy it, it looks fab, but dont expect it to last long before you are with out a pushchair, as its been sent back due to a fault. and then the long wait while they 'test it' try to wriggle out of it then the long wait for your refund. every p&t i have owned after the sport [oh and p&t are mb] has been recalled/sent back due to a fault. the amount of mb i have heard with faults, all these on first batch models too . Dont do it, unless you have another pushchair and are prepared to be messed about/delayed, waiting in for couriers to collect from you, you know the pushchair you bought new, so threw the box away as hey its new, it wont go wrong.

TruthSweet Tue 09-Apr-13 16:45:24

It looks a bit derivative if you know what I mean. Same old, same old - looks like mash up of a Mothercare My4 pushchair (bumper bar & carrycot/seat unit), Bugaboo (front wheels & white round detailing on frame), Baby Jogger (basket) and a Babystyle Oyster frame.

For £500 I'd expect something with a bit more character & individuality and you could get more for your money buying a Vista & you'd not be worrying it was going to go wrong on you!

StrawberryMonkey Tue 09-Apr-13 16:14:16

My advice would be never to buy first batch MB / P&T's products.
You are paying to consumer test there products for them and In my experience there are always problems and issues!
I had one of the first e3 explorers. Wheel never fitted right out of the box. Got replacement wheel. It fitted like this I-----\
My toddler unbuckled the non stitched on harness buckles. Thank goodness she didn't choke. She threw a few away though rendering the harness ineffective.
Toddler could randomly stop the buggy by slamming her feet onto the front wheel through the flimsy fabric footwell...not very safe!
Trapped and pinched my fingers every time I folded the damn thing too.
There's more, but I feel you might fall asleep listening!

As for MB products, I had the all new MB terrain. I loved it...until grit got into the handbrake housing (it was designed with non sealed brake housing and thus brakes were prone to collecting water and grit).
The seat poppers failed after a few months use (they've redesigned with zippers now I see).
The tracking was pointless due to the front wheel wiggle in "fixed position" (another issue they've corrected since first batch)... Again I could go on but I won't.
First batch of a new product by the MB/PT company. Sounds exciting, could be you have problems like I did though. hmm

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Apr-13 16:08:21

Never buy a first batch MB / P&Ts. There's always issues with them!

I have had several first batch MB / P&T pushchairs - I think 4 or 5 in total and have always regretted it as ALL of them have had issues - one wqas irreparable. In fact someone told me that the first batch are regarded by P&T's / MB as a test run. I dont know if it is true, but I can well believe it!! Its not worth the hassle.

kiwiee Sat 06-Apr-13 07:48:29

Has anyone used one of these? Saw it today and it seems to tick a lot of boxes-lie-flat cot, rear and forward facing, looks nice, easy push...

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