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Double pushchar (twins!) plus toddler DD

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legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 17:03:44

I'm 15 weeks pregnant with twins (surprise!) and have a (now) 2.5 yo DD who, at present still needs the pushchair for more than v short trips.

I love my single pushchair, although its a bit worse for wear now. Its an Obaby Zezu pramette, but the point is it fulfills my main criteria:

- DD was flat in a proper cot for about 5 months;
- she still faces me - we chat loads as we walk;
- I can get it through most doors/spaces; and
- I can push it one handed and it turns on a pin.

Its a pain to fold and fairly bulky, but that hasn't bothered me yet....

What I need is a twin pushchair that does the same!!

I am looking at the bugaboo donkey and the icandy pear. DD will need a buggy board but the lascal buggy board site says it fits both... Not too bothered really about costs if its right.

Any ideas or comments?


Ihateparties Sat 06-Apr-13 19:36:39

Have a look also at the stroll-air my duo as Stroll Air now have a UK facebook page and stock on the way here.

I have a friend whose twins were born a months after her DD turned 3 and the Pear has worked really really well for them. She expected to want to swap it after they came out of the carrycots but she still really likes it.

There is of course a Zezu twin now but it's wider than a standard door... I think... you would need to check that!

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Apr-13 15:51:23

The Donkey is by far the nicest of these to push - the Pear is a bit of a beast and has a massive turning circle - a shop width - and as you probably know are being replaced by the Apple2Pear.
The Donkey however is not the best for a buggy board simply because there are few places for a child to hold onto - the carrycots are too far forwards, so are the seats. The handles are too far apart. Having had a DC who fell off several times I would get a sit down board.
I think the Stroll Air is easier to handle than the Donkey. The seats arent quite as good but certainly are fine. But its far easier to store, flick open to use etc.
There's loads of other pushchairs where the children can be parent facing eg the Kolcraft Contours, Kids Kargo Duellette, Casual Play S-Twinner, Baby Jogger City Select etc which are worth a good look at / thinking about how they could be adapted / used.

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