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Anyone know of a Buggy board for iCandy Peach Blossom?

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Blending Thu 04-Apr-13 12:13:31

Ok so I have bought one second hand as I am having twins, but I also have DD who will be 2.6 in may when they are born in May.

I hardly use her pram, but as DH has just pointed out I will be using one a lot more with twins and I wont be able to just pick her up in the same way as now.

I'm not worried about invalidating the warrenty as its already second hand.

I was off to buy the car seats today, but I'm wondering if I should just re-sell it and get a double which will definatly take a buggy board just in case?

DD is quite independant and prefers to walk, but who knows how she will react when 2 tiny aliens invade her world and they get to go in the pram!

Ihateparties Thu 04-Apr-13 13:10:26

It's also hard to predict how she will develop as she grows older and siblings arrive.. hopefully more sensible and compliant when it comes to walking safely but it's not always a um.. linear development grin

If it was me I wouldn't put a board on a pb, warranty aside I just wouldn't. You stand to lose a lot if something happened to it from the extra weight, imo it's not worth it not to mention the safety issue which is not insignificant. With it being used you don't know of any previous issues it may have had etc.

I don't know what else to suggest though really, i've only used tandems and doubles for siblings. Longer term something like a mountain buggy duet might suit you. Or perhaps the nipper 360 v3 that's coming in the summer with carrycot options.

Carrying a toddler and pushing a tandem.. defo not a lot of fun.

Blending Thu 04-Apr-13 13:28:01


I'm now thinking of slinging one newborn and using the seat if I know its likely she will need a to sit down...not sure if that will work straight after the C-section though! I guess I am unlikely though to venture out for a while with all 3 on my own for a little while after though, unless we are in the car, so it might just be do-able.

Ihateparties Thu 04-Apr-13 13:45:26

Sounds doable to me, a good sling that works well for you is almost always a good investment grin

Do you have the blossom 2 with the upright lower seat?

Blending Thu 04-Apr-13 15:36:36

No just the older version, but having never been bothered about prams with DD its much nicer than anything we've owned.

I've got a couple of slings already, including a toddler one which is great, so I'll have to dig them out.

forevergreek Thu 04-Apr-13 16:41:04

I would keep and use sling if needed. If she is ill or something she can sit in front and sling one baby

Everything will be slowed down anyway with 3, and like you say you are unlikely to be going far when they are small so she will be slightly older when you start going out, and 3 by the time they are 6 months.

We only have 2 but with a small gap and managed with a single like this ( only 16 months between). The first few months were spent just toddlering around the streets/ garden/ park/ indoors or sling and buggy if needed. Just think if you and dh have a baby in sling each, toddler walking you can still go buggy free ( great for public transport/ visiting people)

FlamingGallah Fri 05-Apr-13 02:41:14

Hi, I tried this very combo! (Blossom with a buggy board)

The Lascal maxi just fits, but I absolutely wouldn't recommend it. The pram becomes incredibly heavy and unwieldy to steer, and my poor toddler ended up bashing his mouth on the handlebar when we went over a bump. He now refuses to go on it, and I feel so guilty that I haven't tried again.

He does still occasionally ask to ride in the pram when he's knackered, and you do feel awful telling him it's full and he can't

Blending Fri 05-Apr-13 10:53:02

Thanks forevergreek & FlamingGallah.

The Lascal was the one I had found on line that might have fitted. So I'll rule that out.

I'm nearly 30 weeks now and the size of a house finding it difficult to even get out the house with DD and I imagine its going to a few months after the birth before I tackle going solo with all 3 so hopefully DD will be even more independant then . Although she is a bolter and reigns will be a must! Contraversial I know but I can't just abandon the pram to chase her like I do atm. Shes incredibly wilful and the usual tatcics dont always work.

Thanks again.

Ihateparties Fri 05-Apr-13 13:43:32

Ds1 is like this.. at 5 he has still been known to disappear onto the road etc. all sorts of things like that, have to watch him like a hawk. He's not a boundary pusher so much as a "what is a boundary" type of child :-l Just 3yo dd1 is more reliable on foot already.

That the peach is a very easy tandem to handle will help you in this area, you can easily push with one hand, which is not true for the majority of other tandems. I expect there will be occasions where your dd can walk safely and occasions when you pop the main seat on the peach for her and sling a twin. Swapping mid outing is more complicated because of it being seat or carrycot, if you can work around this you should be fine.

Good luck! Toddler and twin pregnancy must be extra hard work smile

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Apr-13 16:15:46

I have seen a Peach with a Buggypod Io on the side which seemed to work well. Dont even consider the older Buggypods though.

Blending Wed 10-Apr-13 16:01:16

Oooh I'll take a look at the Buggy pod, thanks

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