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Out n about nipper double with phil and Ted cocoon

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Neiffer Tue 02-Apr-13 17:58:56

We are expecting dc2 soon and there will be a small gap so have bought an out n about nipper 360 second hand. I don't like the look of the inserts and a friend recommended a phil and teds cocoon as they fit into other buggies and are really handy. I do like the look of it but am reluctant to invest until I know it'll fit in our buggy. Does anyone know? Or know where I can find out? Also, dc2 will be a July baby, will it be to hot in the cocoon?!
Thank you

Munxx Tue 02-Apr-13 20:27:12

There is a newborn support here

Not sure if that's what you meant. I have the nipper and love it. But I only used it from when my DC2 was 4mo.

Tiggywunkle Tue 02-Apr-13 22:00:16

I would think a P&Ts cocoon would fit. Can't you take the pushchair to a shop and try one out? LO may well be a July baby, but so was my son and he came out of hospital with a woolly jumper on, and within weeks it was freezing cold in September!

My only comment though is that if you got a different kind of baby nest that it may well last you longer than a P&Ts one. For example a Bugaboo one would last probably until nearly a year old. Maxi Cosi / Quinny do several newborn inserts. Again a walk around a really good independent shop should yield several options which would probably last longer than a P&Ts one - known for being small.

Neiffer Wed 03-Apr-13 07:25:39

Cheers tiggywunkle, I hasnt thought of other brands (I know very little about prams!). Unfortunately I like in the middle of nowhere and nearest pram/baby place with choice is a good 2 he drive away. No way I can justify the petrol for something so minor really, so its sll guesswork from here. I keep picturing small baby + sunny days but then realise I live in England!

Neiffer Wed 03-Apr-13 07:25:54

Live not like!

Tiggywunkle Wed 03-Apr-13 16:11:53

LOL I think we all do and bear in mind that by the time your baby is 5 months old it may well be November or December!!

Given you live a fair way away from shops, you can still do some research online. Choose some good independent shops like Winstanleys Pramworld, Glasgow Pram Centre, Paul Stride, Peppermint or even look at bigger shops like Kiddicare or John Lewis or Mothercare online. Work your way through their cocoons / baby footmuffs etc - photos can show you a lot, and choose a few you think may work. You can always come back and link us to them and we can see what we think.

I have to say, it was only when I walked into a good pram shop and saw a newborn insert / cocoon on nearly every pushchair, that I realised that there were so many around these days!! Look also at brands like Snunkie who make newborn nests to order, or Lodger bunkers too.

Happy surfing!! This is the fun part!!

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