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Mountain Buggy Duet or BJCMD GT - can you help me decide, please?

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Filiboom Tue 02-Apr-13 12:21:38

Hi there. I did just write a post, but it seems to have disappeared - apologies if this comes through twice.

Anyway, we're expecting DC2 in May when DS will be 20 months. We're pretty much decided on a side-by-side, but I'm having real problems making the final decision between the Duet and the BJCMD - does anyone have any opinions?! I really like the width of the Duet, but the BJCMD seems like it will be more comfortable for the DCs. I'm also concerned that it will be easy for them to poke and prod each other in theDuet, which could get very annoying for everyone, although no way to tell if that will be an issue just yet....

We live in London and I walk a lot - we only use the car occasionally at weekends. I use the train, but don't use the bus that often. We currently have a Chameleon, which I love, and I am planning to use that and a sling a fair bit, but DS isn't a great walker yet and hated the sling when he was a baby so don't want to rely on that.

Also, what is the difference between the original BJCMD and the GT (apart from about £200)? I've read loads of reviews suggesting the GT is much better, but the guy in the shop suggested that the difference was mainly the adjustable handlebar and the brake. Is that really it?!

I'd be really grateful for any help making a decision. It shouldn't be so hard, but somehow it is....

Thanks in advance.

forevergreek Tue 02-Apr-13 14:37:55

The duet is better on a bus. For example the duet and cameleon both fit on a bus at te same time, but a bjcm won't.

Tbh if price isn't an issue and you walk a lot I would go for the duet as bigger wheels.

We also have the cameleon ( and 16 month gap), the buggy board is great and didn't get a double. However when I pushed a friends single bjcm through Hyde park ( on path not grass), I was surprised at the extra effort needed to pus it across semi gravel paths compared to the cameleon

Another push would be that the mb duet turns into a single with the joey storage basket. So if oldest wants to walk you can use it like that with the basket for balls/ picnic things etc.

Rhubarb78 Tue 02-Apr-13 14:45:15

Hi, the only thing I would add is have you seen the folded size of the duet? It is huge and can't imagine it would fit easily into any normal size car. If you don't need it to then it is obviously not a problem but if you do, I would definitely check it out first. The fold size totally ruled the duet out for us as I don't think it would even fit in my car with all the back seats down!

Tiggywunkle Tue 02-Apr-13 15:22:54

I agree totally with the eldest child (most likely) annoying the younger child in the Duet. Although it all sounds lovely and fluffy to have your children so close to interact, in reality this also means any movements which aren't intended such as foot movements, or elbows - never mind the more intentional hair pulling, hitting, poking or biting! I have a 21 month age gap if that helps.

The Duet folded is probably the second largest pushchair I have had. The measurements in cms didn't seem to tally with how it actually fitted in the car either. It just squeezed in and then the boot was full.

The BJCMGT differences are mainly the wheels which will give you a better push - and as the children get older this is important! The adjustable handle WILL make a difference with a double pushchair. With a single, handle height is less of an issue, but with two children, and potentially walking more with both hands on the handlebar, and more weight, for me having an adjustable handlebar is an essential. The handbrake is very useful but less of a bonus. The bigger seats are a plus though. They are taller, deeper and have a longer leg length and bigger footrest. The seats are better padded too. I wouldnt skimp if you dont have to. The GT is worth the extra.

Filiboom Wed 03-Apr-13 10:31:49

Thanks very much for your help. I think we'll probably go for the BJMCD GT. Whilst I would prefer the narrower buggy, I fear I could pay for it in squabbles as DCs get older - DS is already big for his age. The car boot thing is also a factor - we have a Golf and am not sure we'd be able to fit anything other than the Duet in. In an ideal world, it would be lovely to do without a double, but I do so much walking and DS naps so much better in a buggy than his cot that I think it will make my life much easier....

Thanks also to Tiggywunkle for explaining the pros of the GT - does sound like it's probably worth it.

Thanks again - now we just need to buy it!

Tiggywunkle Wed 03-Apr-13 15:53:03

I think you need to maybe go and have a play in a good independent pushchair shop. The BJCM is very flat when folded. The City Select is very flat folded too. I got to play with an Orbit Baby Double Helix last week and that fits into the boot of a Mini! For side by sides, the BJCM is probably the slimmest double, but a TFK Twinner Twist Duo is a trifold and so folds down smaller on some dimensions than say a BJCM although it is more chunky on others. But the TFK fitted into our boot better than most doubles.

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