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HELP!! So confused- Bugaboo Chameleon or Uppababy Vista/ Cruz??

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WoolySheep Mon 01-Apr-13 22:46:47


Help on this topic would be beyond appreciated. I really am at the end of my rope over it!

I have a VERY tall, and healthily chubby just turned 12 month old DS. He used to like his Quinny Zapp Xtra but now we find that he is getting bored of the fact it doesn't have a good upright position and he wants to see out- however it seemed to be the only pram with a seat deep and big enough for him that we had tried. We also own a Out N About Nipper but he won't sleep if he isn't facing me or DH so forward facing-only prams aren't an option. He also own a Silver Cross Surf which he totally hates as he looks squashed into it, and the seat is super shallow so that it often seems as if he is sort of hanging out of it.

So I need to get a pushchair that we can have for a long time that he will have room to grow into- I narrowed down my choice to the Uppababy Vista (has a very deep seat), though the Uppababy Cruz seems good too and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on which they think is better.

The other pram I am looking at is the Bugaboo Chameleon which every mum I see out pushing a pram seems to have, and comes recommended by loads of people as having a nice, deep seat and being wide enough for a big baby/toddler- it's also parent facing optional as is very important as ds prefers to parent face.

Please help me on which one to go for!! So confused! And have to go get it this week! xx

justabigdisco Mon 01-Apr-13 22:51:56

I've got a Vista which we bought in 2011 as it was much cheaper than the Bugaboo, and came with a carrycot. This was pre-Cruz. If I didn't need the carrycot option now I would definitely go for the Cruz as it seems more compact than the Vista which is quite large but otherwise lovely. Go for the Cruz!

Ihateparties Mon 01-Apr-13 23:11:39

I don't know, I'm speculating but I kind of suspect that the Cruz seat is taller than the Vista one, which should help you out in the future. TBH I wouldn't get a Cam, so many reports of them getting odd to push with heavier kids in (I know some people go against that grain on that but those of us on here that have had them for older children have never stayed the distance and always ended up selling them again very quickly because of it).

I feel sure we must have mentioned the Baby Jogger City Versa on previous threads grin this is what I would have bought for DS1 who was 98th centile baby. He could probably still comfortably sit in one now at 5 and a half... and I KNOW the self same people who sold the Cams bought these and rate them really highly for bigger and older kids.

I'm sat here quietly imagining how much better you will feel pushing anything something that isn't a zapp xtra with 13 or 14 odd kg of baby in it smile

TinyTear Tue 02-Apr-13 09:52:34

I love my Uppababy Vista.
My 14 month old still feels like she has LOTS of space to grow and I will be using it for a long long time...

And the big wheels are great for steps, and rugged terrains (I take it for walks on Hampstead Heath

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