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Can anyone recommend a raincover for a Mamas and Papas Luna? Or a Quinny Zapp?

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treaclesoda Fri 29-Mar-13 08:53:59

The raincover that came with the buggy was poor quality and has fallen apart.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a different one that would be a good fit?

And while we're at it, the raincover for my Quinny Zapp is even worse. It is so tight around the handles that the velcro bits to hold it on don't actually reach each other, so when I put it on its really just balancing there. Anyone have any recommendations for a cover that would fit a Quinny Zapp?


Tiggywunkle Sat 30-Mar-13 00:15:30

I use a Universal one for a Zapp - I am scratching my head as to the brand though. It may well be a Graco one. I think the Maxi Cosi Noa one would fit too.

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