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Advice for a newbie about buying and selling second hand prams/buggies?

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TheToadLessTravelled Tue 26-Mar-13 02:43:03

We are in London but looking to move countries and I am going to need to sell our bugaboo donkey to get an all terrain double instead.

Can anyone offer advice on how/where to get the best price for the donkey?
(And not get scammed etc)

Also would appreciate recommendations on buying second hand as I think I will try to get the next pram this way.

I am a total newbie to this so any advice appreciated, thanks :-)

Rockchick1984 Tue 26-Mar-13 08:25:36

I'm not London based but the best where I live is the local Facebook selling pages, or eBay but set to collection only.

Maybeamug Tue 26-Mar-13 14:56:23

I am the second hand queen of buggies (never buy anything new!)

You ideally want to sell the donkey high and buy the all terrain low. So I would get the donkey in pristine condition, scrubbed and washed etc, and then target your marketing. I live in the frozen north so don't see any round here but I think they're quite a prestige brand, so go for selling it to that market. As Rockchick says, facebook groups, nct groups and eBay are all worth a look. You can search eBay for completed listings to get an idea of prices.

Cash on collection I think would be the way forward (you can get one of those pens that checks notes are genuine if you're really worried).

Regarding buying, I try to set up a dialogue with the sellers to establish that they're genuine and also put me at the front of the queue for something desirable. I also closely check photos for little details which may give a clue to the real age, model etc.

I must confess I don't haggle if I really want something. A lovely lady held onto my summit for about a month after I agreed to buy it until I could collect. It would then have been really cheeky to knock £30 off the price.

You will probably be able to get an all terrain bargain - there are some unusual models out there which don't sell for much on eBay.

Sorry for the essay!!

Blobby11 Tue 26-Mar-13 20:40:25

I'm in London and am thinking of buying a second hand donkey but I'm after the 1.1 version with the compact fold which I think only came out in September 2012. If this is what you have then please PM me.

Otherwise good selling options are ebay, gumtree and preloved. Ebay fees are quite high but you'll get more traffic

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