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Mountain Buggy there a solution?!

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SweetSecrets Mon 25-Mar-13 15:57:02

Hello everyone

Thinking of buying a Mountain Buggy +One for my very tall/heavy 2.5 yr old & soon to be newborn. Would be used for lots of walking (some of it muddy) as I don't have a car, there are no buses & we walk to toddler groups in other villages.

Have done lots of research & read about the problem of when the baby outgrows the cocoon but is too young to sit in the toddler seat - I think this will be a problem for us as with a 6'7" tall husband I reckon another whopper baby is on its way!

I saw some posts that hinted at an unofficial solution to this gap (possibly involving a car seat, new parent facing seat &/or a head hugger but I couldn't work out what it was!

Has anyone got any experience of using the MB +One please?

(Our 2nd choice is a Baby Jogger City Mini Double at the moment...)



Tiggywunkle Tue 26-Mar-13 22:40:53

The solution is to remove the cocoon and to lie your baby flat on the seat pad with blankets instead. My 2 year old could sleep in the back area, so I see no reason why a younger child couldn't either.

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