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talk to this silly

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abbyfromoz Mon 25-Mar-13 16:03:31

P.s ask them to look out the back! That's where they keep the bits and bobs and odds and ends.

abbyfromoz Mon 25-Mar-13 16:00:35

I picked up a new raincover for my chameleon at fara children's charity shop - £8! Bargain! See if you have any luck with that. I would keep the bee and the phil & teds... One lightweight- one sturdy.

ghoulelocks Mon 25-Mar-13 15:26:56

I was given £150 my lovely dad to get a buggy and have made nearly £100 buying and selling ones I didn't like (britax b-smart, don'tgo there),so money fine plus we have a garage, outdoor workroom and decent sized shed so space is plentiful (godit sounds like we live on a big estate, it's a busy east London street we just have a lot of ground because of the funny shape of the road...we're missing a trick and should probably build another house at the end of the garden like the rest of east london)

EarnestDullard Mon 25-Mar-13 15:21:33

No, seems sensible to me smile Unless you've not really got the space and you're tripping over them or you're spending money you don't have buying them new (and it sounds like you got good deals on both).

anna080 Mon 25-Mar-13 15:16:34

I don't think it's silly at all, if I could I'd probably have 3 or 4 different buggies for different reasons (eg travel system, lightweight buggy for day trips/shopping, holiday buggy etc). You have good reasons for keeping all 3, if you don't bring up selling the Frog then hopefully your DH will forget it's there!

ghoulelocks Mon 25-Mar-13 15:09:01

If I talk to dh he'll say yes.

I got a bugaboo frog (£48) and bee original (£140) both in lovely condition. I LOVE the bee for 3 month old dd and it seems good with a buggy board too (well as good as can be). I planned to resell the one I didn't like and try both. However as the frog value is low I'm tempted to keep it for next winter. The bee is nippy but looks small/ summer weight plus getting a raincover replacement for it (don't have) is about the price of the frog. The frog looks great (plus has great muff and cover) for winter and a larger child. By then hopefully I'd have no need for buggyboard.

So that's a spare buggy in storage.

Plus a battered old phil and teds double I use on longer outings.

silly? three?!

Is three buggies mad in principal?

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