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Talk me through double/twin prams/ Buggies please

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milk Sun 24-Mar-13 15:42:09

Baby Jogger City Mini Double!!! grin

IneedAsockamnesty Sun 24-Mar-13 15:40:45

I don't mind either type but I'm guessing a tandem are the ones with one in front of the other but not like Phil and teds? And side by side is two strollers stuck together.

Will go and have a look at the suggestions.

RandomMess Sun 24-Mar-13 09:19:29

Actually a Jane in-line (duo I think not the 3 wheeler) is supposed to be good

RandomMess Sun 24-Mar-13 09:18:58

Graco in-line

Maclaren side by side

bugaboo Donkey

MissLurkalot Sun 24-Mar-13 09:17:07,default,pd.html

They do different colours dependant on boy or girl.


milk Sun 24-Mar-13 09:04:31

From your OP, I cannot tell if you want a side-by-side or a tandem stroller?

IneedAsockamnesty Fri 22-Mar-13 17:50:53

When my next baby is due my current youngest will be 17 months old. But its been over 14 years since I had the need for a double and I'm confused.

So far I know phill and teds styles are out as having pushed a friends one I struggled lots.

3 wheeler styles are also out as I find them hard to balance up and down curbs.

I'm not massively keen on the baby in a basket type.and I'm not keen on car seat on frame ones.

I would quite like something that's bright.

The none doubles I've used before and got on well with are m&p pilko pramette one made by a company called hauck that started as a pram and you messed about with a few levers and it became a buggy,and a mothercare own brand one with separate solid carry cot clip on pram unit and later a buggy unit.

I'm currently using a basic zeta vooom stroller that I really like its easy to use and lightweight so trendy or all singing and dancing is not very important to me as I only really use it when out and about shopping so no mountain climbing or anything.

I'm just really rather confused by all the modern ones available and new prams don't really thrill me so want to get the right one as I will probably stick with it until I no longer need one.

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