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Bad experience with mothercare?

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MerryMingeWhingesAgain Thu 21-Mar-13 22:37:44

Really? You want to imply that you were admitted with ? prem labour because you were so stressed about the pram being the wrong colour?

The mind boggles.

I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction, OP, but I would sit on the complaint for a few days and re-read it when you have calmed down a bit, before you send it.

ghoulelocks Thu 21-Mar-13 21:21:19

just take my advice and don't with deal them again, you'll get nowhere with them. Walk away with the refund and avoid.

my experiences with them:
1-bought breast pump which didn't pump, went to exchange and they argued for 40 min it worked as she could feel some suction on her hand from it even thoughthis is different to the rhthymic pump needed to express milk. Implied repeatedly in front of queue the problem was I had no milk. All this time I was draped in pain from stitches over the counter with a prem who couldn't latch going mad next to me so everything needed repeating 10 times. Finally got exchange with such bad grace

2- avoided until 2nd baby...then saw a double buggy offer. It was the last and the raincover was lost so I bought it with the promise they would order one for me in a week or so (November). In March I finally got one out of them by turning up in store and refusing to go until I had the one off the display model (god knows how many phoncalls before this) so nearly all winter without a cover.

TrishkanOEUFak Thu 21-Mar-13 15:59:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Throughgrittedteeth Thu 21-Mar-13 15:50:22

We went in to have a browse and had a lady approach us, we mentioned we were thinking of getting DS's next car seat. She asked us questions about our car and we explained we had a 2 door Clio with current infant car seat in the front. She then started to get all uppity about the air bag and basically said that we would kill our baby because we wouldn't buy a new car shock we explained thoroughly (not that it was anything to do with her) that we had a key-controlled switch that turned the air bag off and we had even emailed Renault to double check. Bloody neurotic woman.
The email reads very well OP I hope they sort it all out for you thanks

NippyDrips Thu 21-Mar-13 15:36:26

I had rubbish service from them aswell. They sent my pram with no colour packs. Then sent the wrong colour pack for the carrycot and didn't send the buggy colour pack unrolled baby was 3 months old.

Oh and the whole lot was addressed to my ex husband. Which did not please my partner and father of our baby. God knows how they got his name!

milk Thu 21-Mar-13 15:27:28

A while ago there was a thread in _chat which was had ample complaints concerning the customer service at Mothercare.

ARD91 Thu 21-Mar-13 14:03:59

I have just had to send mothercare this letter of complaint - has anyone else had a bad experience?

Ref: 366/9326915

To whom it may concern
I am writing with regards to the service I received around my Baby Plan.
I had originally opened my Baby Plan in your Lisburn store with a Silvercross 3D pram system, and then changed it to a Graco Evo travel system in lime, consisting of pushchair, carrycot and Junior baby carseat after seeing it in chilli in another store. I was told that Mothercare did not have the Chilli available, so agreed to take the lime, which would be changed to chilli when it became available.
I was then informed in store when making a payment one day that the system had become available to Mothercare in Chilli. I asked for my Plan to be changed to include the Chilli colour rather than the Lime. I was advised that this had been done.
Upon telephoning your customer service team to make my final payment of £120.97 via Credit Card as I was on bedrest for pregnancy complications, I double checked that it was the red pram that I was to receive for delivery on 21/03/2013. The customer services agent assured me that it was deffinetly the red colour I was to receive.
I then received a letter from yourselves stating that I hadn’t paid my final balance, and that it was infact the Pitstop colour of pram I was to receive, not the Chilli.
I rang customer services back on Monday 18/03/2013, and got a young male agent who was extremely unhelpful and told me I had no choice but to accept the Black Pitstop coloured pram as you could not provide me with the Chilli coloured pram. I asked to speak to a manager or senior, and he put me on hold, then came back and told me the manager was busy, but that again I was only able to have the Pitstop Pram.
I became increasingly stressed and upset, and given that I am heavily pregnant with severe complications in pregnancy find this type of treatment unacceptable. I asked the agent if it was possible to refund, and reorder the pram to which the agent said ‘’No, you’ve left it too late.’’ This stressed me out even more, and I ended the call very upset and crying.
I then phoned back later in the day and got speaking to a customer service agent named ‘’Victoria’’ who was much more helpful, and told me that if I went into the store and spoke to them, and explained that she had advised me to do so, then I would receive a full refund and be able to order the correct pram.
I went to your Portadown store as it was easier to access given how ill I am, and explained the circumstances to the ladies instore. One of them tutted and sighed, and stated she would have to phone customer services as “this was ridiculous, her store was now going to loose £478.97 worth of sales.” And “customer services couldn’t have said you would get a refund, they probably meant you had to take a new pram home today from here.” She was on the phone for a long time, while I became increasingly stressed and stated a few times that I just wanted my money. Eventually after a lengthy discussion and much sighing from the sales assistant, I was granted a refund, half on card, half cash. I did not expect to have to wait almost 40 minutes to get a refund that I deserved due to your company’s inability to order the correct pram.
This situation caused me great stress and anxiety, and I ended up in hospital on Tuesday 19/03/2013 with threatened preterm labour and having to have stress tests done as my baby was increasingly stressed due to my anxiety. I do not think that the service I received from your company was in any way satisfactory, and infact I have a good mind to report it to higher authorities. I also do not think that it is acceptable to treat customers with such a lack of manners, especially when they have spent close to £500 in your store.
Furthermore, the fact that I am having to write a letter of complaint to you at all whilst heavily pregnant is quite ridiculous. I am shocked and appalled at the customer service provided by your staff given your reputation among mothers and mothers to be.
I look forward to receiving your response to this complaint, and seeing how you plan to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by the ineptitude of your staff on this occasion.


Astra Scott.

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