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Triumph, Volvo or Globetrotter -Any experience of these strollers? Or other compact ones?

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MrsRambo Tue 19-Mar-13 10:07:57

DD is 23 months and we have used a Techno XT from birth for her. It's been brilliant. I bought the XT because I hate big bulky buggies/big wheels and space is limited in our house and car. I now want to go even smaller to see us through to the next stage (mainly to free up space in the boot of our car - the Techno wheels are quite 'big'). We don't use the buggy very often these days. Just for nipping to the shops etc. I wondered if any of you pushchair experts could tell me which one of the above 3 they would go for (or any other recommendations?). She rarely naps in the buggy ... (but that's a whole other thread) so full recline isn't a 'must'. Although maybe she will start to cat nap in it as she gets older?? <wishful thinking>.

So, which one would you go for! Thank you!!

MrsRambo Tue 19-Mar-13 13:10:17

Er.. I meant Maclaren volo! Not volvo!!

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