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oyster max for newborn

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Rhubarb78 Sun 17-Mar-13 16:57:58

me again! i am now looking at the oyster max as my preferred choice for ds who will be 16 months when dd is due. I know you can use the main seat from birth but do you think a newborn would be comfy enough in it? or should i get a carrycot? this would only really be an option if i can fit it in the car. ds was a little baby at 6lb 2 if that makes a difference in case this one is only little too. has anyone used the max for a newborn and toddler?

Twinklestarstwinklestars Sun 17-Mar-13 17:03:07

I looked at one the other week but there was no way i'd get a toddler in the seat with a carrycot on, and the shop I went to said they didn't want to push it as they had found faults but that could just be their opinion. I went for the baby jogger city select but I see other people saying they're too heavy but I thought it was fine with my 3 year old in.

Tiggywunkle Tue 19-Mar-13 00:10:31

Why would you not get a toddler in the seat with a carrycot on?
It works great with the carrycot underneath and the toddler facing forwards on top!
I think its better to use the carrycot, than to put the baby in the lie flat seat parent facing. There is less room for a toddler this way, especially a smaller toddler. An older toddler sits higher than the leg rest so its easier for them.
The City Select is lovely, but it does very quickly become heavy with 2 children on board.

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