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Uppabab Vista or babystyle Oyster?

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Tiggywunkle Fri 15-Mar-13 23:11:15

Honestly, theres no comparison - I would get the Vista if you can afford it. The spec is brilliant and there's less niggles with it long term.
Dont worry about doors - if you can get a double into most places, then the Vista will fit fine. I have had both an Oyster and a Vista and TBH its a no brainer!

kernewek79 Fri 15-Mar-13 22:59:39

Both excellent pushchairs, one a fair bit more pricey than the other. If you can get a bargain I would probably go for the Vista purely for the flexibility it offers. (ie. rumble seat etc)

oohlaalaa Fri 15-Mar-13 14:02:58

We have the Uppababy Vista. We also love it. It is big, but not been a problem. It's very easy to use, and well built.

We use the carrycot for daytime sleeping.

CitizenOscar Thu 14-Mar-13 21:36:51

I chose oyster over uppababy on 2 main grounds:
1) price
2) width of wheel base

Never regretted it. Oyster fits neatly in buses etc. DS is 21 months and we still use it every day (had it from birth).

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Thu 14-Mar-13 19:18:51

We have the vista and love it. I did a LOT of comparing between the oyster, vista and a mutsy evo. The vista won for me personally on all accounts. It is a bit of a wider wheel base but I haven't found it a problem anywhere yet and DS is 19weeks now and we've been out quite a bit. I am aware there is a vast price difference but if you've found a good deal on the vista I'd go for it!

CitrusyOne Thu 14-Mar-13 19:08:34

I've got an oyster, and it is small and nippy! Really manoeuvrable and the only shop I have trouble in is that stupid cheap card shop. I can steer it with one hand. It dies sit upright, but I'd agree that the seat seems quite open. Dd is only 5 months so I've nothing to compare it to, but I certainly haven't got any complaints.

pramdunce Thu 14-Mar-13 19:01:17

Bump. Anyone?

pramdunce Thu 14-Mar-13 10:02:55

does anyone have experience of the above pushchairs? There's obviously a bit of a price difference but we've found a bargain ex display Vista and are toyign between that or the Oyster. Our dd is 10 months and we've been using a friends very old pram but now we want to get something of our own. Ideally I want rearfacing, so I know most people seem to go for a Maclaren type thing at this stage but I still want to see dd. I don't drive so that's not a consideration. I'll mostly be walking about with it, shopping and parks, that kind of thing. The pram we've borrowed (so old I don't even know what it's called) doesn't sit dd up completely upright and she doens't seem to like it. The Vista does seem to go upright, not sure about the Oyster. The thing holding me back with the Vista though is that it looks big. Like prohibitively big. Will it really fit through doorways?? It seems like a nice high ride too, I won't be bending down to dd. The Oyster's wheels are smaller, but so is the overall frame which I thnk would mean we'd have less problem fitting down aisles. But the seat seems very exposed to me, there seems to be no side protection at all. Can anyone help? Any opinions or experience would be great. Which would you go for?

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