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Second hand Phil & Teds - advice please!!

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Tiggywunkle Fri 15-Mar-13 22:57:44

I had issues when my LO was in the lower seat and the eldest wanted to get out and go on the swings! I couldn't let go of the pushchair.

The Explorer is supposed to be the best for a taller child when the doubles kit is on the front ie newborn mode.

I have to agree with Tuesday though - I believe every P&Ts apart from the very latest ones have had some kind of issue / recall / fix done to them except the Sport. Thats the one I would be going for if I were to buy one. But I would never buy another.

TuesdayNightDateNight Thu 14-Mar-13 21:07:16

The tipping only relates to when the doubles seat is on the back. It happens primarily when the heaviest kid is in the back seat (which is not recommended but is generally the easiest combo).

The vibe has a shorter doubles seat, but the hood is adjustable but it's a heavy beast and wasn't very popular.

If you are set on a p&t and can't afford one of the newest ones I would go for a sport. The trouble with buying 2nd hand is that you never really know how much/how well they have been used.

My various p&ts has a few issues with bearings on wheels and bent frames. All of which are impossible to tell in eBay.

CAM123 Thu 14-Mar-13 08:27:21

Oh tiggy you did mention the tipping - sorry just spotted that (doing this one handed whilst feeding, hence typos too!)

CAM123 Thu 14-Mar-13 08:26:13

Oh and kneedeep, thanks so much for the offer but I'm in west London so just that bit too far...

CAM123 Thu 14-Mar-13 08:23:28

Hey all, thanks again for all this. Checking out all the options and I'm still somewhat stuck on the P&Ts... The others are just too new and not available second hand or reviews suggest the cheaper ones are a bit of a push and a smooth ride is key.

My latest deal breakers are...

Trying my toddler (3.5 yrs, prob a little over 100cm) on a friend's old E3 with the double seat up top, he's too talk for the sunshade and the top metal seat bar is in the way. Are all the P&Ts the same dimensions - ie not really high enough for a kid of this age in that arrangement? Some reviews say the vibe might be better... Others say the opposite...

Nobody has mentioned the tipping issue - is it not that bad? If my toddler hopping out and by baby knocked his head that'd be a major issue... Seems the 2010 Explorer marketed itself on not having this issue - does that mean all the other P&T models did/do?

Thanks so very much!!

Jay1985 Wed 13-Mar-13 22:19:45

Hi. I've been looking at buying a Phil and Ted’s and since money is sort of tight right now, the classic seems to be priced just about right.

Having read this, I'm wondering if I'd be better looking for a second hand sport or explorer over a new classic – having no recline on the rear seat might become a problem. I have one question though - My husband is on the tall side and I'm wondering whether he'd be more likely to kick the rear seat if it were reclined, or am I just worrying about nothing?

I'm about to sell p&t sport, don't know tou're area but I'd you're local and want to play with one before making a decision pm me, I'm in fife. Not looking to hard sell you grin just genuine offer if you want to see how it would work for you. Main advice would be to have cocoon for little one, some may disagree but I felt much happier having dd snug in there although she was huge and didn't stay in it long and wish I'd got second hand

Tiggywunkle Sun 10-Mar-13 23:07:38

P&Ts probably will have a better resale value but they are heavy and awkward and I have had the tipping issue. I wouldnt buy another one TBH. I prefer the Smyths Mobi one personally.for the light weight.

I think going and having a good play really would help you TBH.

Ihateparties Sun 10-Mar-13 21:34:19

Different angle.. have you ever pushed a p&t.. Most particularly a used one of the budget you're looking at? Or indeed any tandem when loaded with a 3 and a half year old plus admittedly fairly minimal but rapidly growing newborn weight. Now I know you have a bee I'm thinking slightly differently!

If not try and go push some stuff, new in a shop just to give yourself a reasonable idea of the possible differences in feel of different tandems.

Re the purple thing, before I had it I was using a 500 odd quid's worth of Jane Twone (before that a Peach Blossom 1, a MB Duet, a Graco tandem, a Hauck Duett and others, a real range of doubles at different price points) and although the Twone is easier to turn and had more features, reclines etc. the difference in general experience of the two is not relative to the £350 price difference. Its hard to get that across without trying things, sometimes an extra £350 will make a MASSIVE difference and sometimes it won't, there are too many factors.

CAM123 Sun 10-Mar-13 21:15:42

Hmm interesting - will check it out. Though can't help thinking the second hand P&Ts were so much more expensive to begin with - though same price as this second hand - surely they're worth it? Also surely better resale value? Maybe I'm just stuck on them for no reason - will give it some thought.

Already have (and love) a bugaboo bee. And a basic maclaren in the car for trips. Plan is to revert to bee and buggy board once sitting is less key!

Thanks for all the advice! Massively appreciated!! Really finding it useful!

Ihateparties Sun 10-Mar-13 19:08:04

Re reading your list no adjustable handle and hand not foot break.Oh well, was worth a bash!

Ihateparties Sun 10-Mar-13 19:04:53

What pushchair do you have at the moment? Two things I would consider are an easy x rider buggyboard if your elder one isn't too big. Another option is one of these which is the upper seat for a baby and the lower seat for the elder child. I'm finding it really useful for having a 3 year old who walks mostly but i need her to go in at times in order to get to school on time etc. For a newborn you would need to wedge the upper seat flatas it is bucket shaped. I have tried a silver cross surf nest which works really well, a britax first class car seat insert would work, as would a smartmuff. The baby would face forwards though unless your elder child would tolerate the upper seat being quite close, in that case the baby could face you with the footrest pointing up. Essentially what this pushchair feels like is a single with an add on seat rather than a full time double. It doesn't look silly without the add on seat either. It's a bit um.. purple though!

CAM123 Sun 10-Mar-13 17:46:53

Thanks both - very good point about the second seat recline! Makes sense!! Sounds like Sport is the way to go.

Are you familiar with the tipping issue - saw some reports of the commonplace risk of the bottom child hitting his head when the front older one hops out - is this only the case when the 2nd seat is behind or could it happen when the main seat is in newborn mode - would be horrified if the baby could whack his head.. If the former though, this is surely also irrelevant if the toddler is finally walking by then, as for the 2nd seat recline.

I'm not adverse to other brands but do want to go second hand as this is just a filler temporary measure until the toddler is a better walker. Tiggywunkle, the other ones you mention look great but, unlike P&Ts, too new to be hitting eBay second hand.

Thanks so much!!

Tiggywunkle Sun 10-Mar-13 13:48:02

I think the Sport V2 is the best P&Ts. Apart from the latest models, I think its the only one that hasn't been subject to a recall or big fault either!

Yes the second seat reclines, but by the time the baby goes into it, your eldest will be 4 and I would lay money on them walking by then smile

I am not entirely sure a 4 year old would fit under the hood when the seat is on the front. You may need to try your eldest on the seat.

I think you will find that the Sport is heavy, especially with a 3.5 year old on board, and that you may struggle with your back especially dropping off and going up kerbs.

I have to say, with your age gap, if money is no issue (rather than your standards dropping), I would absolutely 100% be sending you off to look at the Babystyle Oyster Max. Its really light to push, easy to handle even with a bigger child on board, the front seat isvery large with a good leg length for the older child. Or, consider a Mountain Buggy +One which is an excellent option for a big age gap and is much easier to handle than a P&Ts. Both give you a good single pushchair too. There are slight limitations on both, but less issues than the P&Ts, and both surround a small recline after the age of 6 months, but the Sport recline isnt much better.

Ihateparties Sun 10-Mar-13 13:21:55

I didn't know the sport second seat was reclinable, or if it is then it's the one with the bar.. however... when you have the second seat on top to accomodate the newborn in the lie flat bit the toddler can't recline anyway so you're stuck like that for 4 to 6 months realistically. By the time that stage is over your eldest will be more or less 4. In short i'm not sure the reclining second seat will help you.

Are you considering other pushchairs too?

CAM123 Sun 10-Mar-13 12:57:32

Would really appreciate some advice on (second hand) Phil & Teds... Am getting all of a muddle from the various options out there.

What I really really want is...
- double buggy for a newborn and a 3.5 year old (yes, he can walk, scoot etc but he's exhausted after nursery and I can't carry him as he's already messed up my back!)
- that handles well on pavements, including sloping ones (re dodgy back!)
- that won't topple when toddler hops out (seems some do, or all?)
- that fits on a bus
- that has an adjustable handle (all newer models, right?)
- that ideally has a foot break (all except verve and dash I think?)
- think I also prefer the option to have the second / bottom seat reclinable, which seems to rule out the classic
- that won't chop my fingertips off (hoping finger guards can still be ordered if I buy am affected model without them)
- that will accommodate the older kiddie, ie the hood / bar won't knock or restrict him
(Not that bothered about easy folding as cant lift it into a car anyway. And confess I've an irrational dislike of black prams, but can overcome that if I have to)

I'm feeling like the Sport V2 is the best option, right?

Hence my next question - is there any easy way of telling which model is which / newer from looking at it. Features seem to vary, eg style of hood (peekaboo or not), look of under basket (straight black line or curved swooping line) but I can't find any authoritative list / pointers and even google images aren't helping!

You see, I'm looking to eBay (it's for my second kiddie and I've already forked out for two new prams so far and, let's face it, standards drop with the second..!), but am all confused as it's awash with variety and few sellers seem to know much about their prams, even the year they're from (presumably because they also got them used from eBay too?). Some know so little and spell so badly that I have suspicions about whether they even paid for the pram in the first place, but that's another story and I'm giving them a wide berth!

All / any advice greatly appreciated!

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