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Best footmuff for the Bee Plus?

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minipie Sat 09-Mar-13 17:34:22

just that really!

obviously there is the Bugaboo branded one but it looks very long and like it might drag on the ground when I go up/down kerbs?

then I have heard about custom made ones like Poshbugs or Snunkies... are they a bette shape?

there are some lovely looking sheepskin lined ones at Baa Baby but they might be a bit bulky or a pain to wash.

I like the look of the Wallaboo ones but don't know if they would fit a Bee?

any recommendations? what features should I be looking for (double zips etc?) I don't mind spending ££ if it will last a long time.


Tiggywunkle Sat 09-Mar-13 23:12:31

I hated the Bugaboo footmuff on my Bee. Its the reason I never used the Bee all winter. I couldnt be bothered to take it off again (but its off now and the Bee may come out for spring!) Its just too long when PF and covers the brake / fold which annoyed me as I had to move the footmuff to fold.

I have a Poshbugs one which is fab - but I dont believe they are taking orders. I think TBH, although it sounds nutty, I would go for something shorter (and maybe cheaper) and then have a rethink if at whatever stage you think your LO needs a longer footmuff. At that stage fleece trousers may be a better option if they are starting to walk anyway. This Posh Bugs one isnt as long, but my nearly 3 year old is in it still. More fabric ie voluminous is better as it accommodates bending knees as a child grows older, rather than pure length with the Bee. Does that make sense?

MonaLotte Sat 09-Mar-13 23:22:34

I have this one from amazon and its great. It's doesn't drag a long the floor and still plenty of room for ds who is three in August. It's showerproof as well which is handy for quick trips.

snala Sat 09-Mar-13 23:55:40

I have a snunkie one and its fab, lucy is really helpful. They have only got a 2 week wait ATM sometimes it can be months. Have a loom at the poshbugs Facebook page, heather puts ready made ones for sale on there, also fab!!!
Have a look on eBay, always some on there.

minipie Sun 10-Mar-13 12:53:47

thanks all! right that's put me off the bugaboo one. I don't need it just yet so can keep an eye out for when poshbugs starts taking orders again... that Kaiser one from amazon. looks good too.

volume rather than length makes total sense Tiggy thank you!

carrielou2007 Sun 10-Mar-13 21:15:52

I agree if you are using it rf the bug one drives me potty though not as much as the rain over so that's two reasons not to use bee+ in the winter!!

I do love the bug foot muffs though for cam/ff. I had a gorgeous custom one made in off white with very hungry caterpillar on and there is no comparison for lightweight yet warm.

I've been using mine on my Maclaren xt all winter and it's been fabulous I really can 'g rate the quality of them enough.

Twattybollocks Wed 13-Mar-13 22:16:14

Poshbugs won't be taking orders for the foreseeable future, but she does do quite a few ready made ones that fit universal ie bee/donkey /cameleon. Keep an eye on her fb page

minipie Fri 15-Mar-13 21:39:38

oh rats, ah well that makes the choice easier I guess.

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