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Bugaboo Chameleon or iCandy Peach

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Tiggywunkle Fri 15-Mar-13 22:51:41

Glad you have made decisions. Dont worry about the hood noise. It always irks me when I first use the Peach / Strawberry again, but you forget its noisy after a bit and its never woken a child yet!

ZoeBarker Thu 14-Mar-13 12:35:58

Fizz2, I liked the strawberry too but thought the basket to be a bit shallower and also, folded it would not fit in my boot sadly!

ZoeBarker Thu 14-Mar-13 12:34:48

Well, since last posting I have changed my mind. I am now back on the iCandy having compared the two at teh weekend (again). Although the Cameleon is lighter I just love the compact but solid feel of the iCandy. I am however annoyed that the hood makes such a noise - this is sure to wake a sleeping bubba by the time it reaches it's full capacity!

Tiggywunkle - you have certainly done your homework and it's such a great help thank you! Confirms my initial feelings. Now I am paniking over ordering as there is such a long wait eeek! Let's hope I can bag one in time for August!

Fizz2 Fri 08-Mar-13 09:35:19

I am like you ZoeBarker! I tried endless amount of pushchairs and tried pretty much all the ones you have listed. I was stuck between the icandy peach and strawberry but I went for the iCandy strawberry in the end because of the fold it had. However this was the only thing that won it for us. I love the peach and found it to be amazing through all my test runs & I have to agree with Tiggywunkle, after pushing and trying so many pushchairs the peach was like a breath of fresh air, but my DH was hooked on the fold of the strawberry so that was that, maybe I can persuade my parents to buy the peach for their grandchild lol!! Good Luck!

tethersend Thu 07-Mar-13 18:14:16

I know... I am utterly in love with my new micralite fastfold (cheers for advice on that, BTW), but that makes me wish I had a bigger budget...

Tiggywunkle Thu 07-Mar-13 18:05:59

Yes it does...sighs! Stunning!

tethersend Thu 07-Mar-13 17:55:03

Don't know when you're buying, but the Bugaboo buffalo looks pretty amazing. Here

Tiggywunkle Thu 07-Mar-13 17:37:13

I have had all the pushchairs on your list except the Jane Muum (but I have had the Twone and tried out the Muum so near enough wink )

If it helps I have had 3 Peaches and 2 Cameleons. One Peach was replaced by another rather than me wanting rid smile I loved my Cameleon first time around, but when I moved to the Peach, the Peach was like a breath of fresh air ie easier to use, nicer to push, not having to faff with the fabric on the basket was blis (to just be able to fling everything under). The second time, I noticed that the push wasn't as good on the Cam. I still think its one of the best pushchairs out there, but if you like the Peach, run with it, because no matter how many pushchairs I have through my hands, a Peach (or a Peach Jogger) has been here almost continuously. The Peach is currently in my car.

The Oyster is great, but if you have a Peach or Cam budget, then go for that, no question.
The Vista again is a top quality pushchair. It is packed full of features, has a gorgeous carrycot, but aethestically like you, I lean towards curves rather than the angles of the Vista. I find the Vista large when folded. I wouldnt consider the Cruz if you are interested in the Vista because the Vista suspension etc is far superior. (sorry this is all very glossed over but I will expand if you want me to).
The Recaro Babyzen - I adored mine. But I wouldnt have had it as my only pushchair. The lack of storage space would have driven me nutty because if nothing else, you will need somewhere to put nappies, cups, spare clothes etc, never mind shopping! The fold is awesome and its fab to push - although I did kick the back wheels / brake - they are close together. The one flaw for us though was that the harness is a slippy fabric and I got absolutely sick of tightening it up many times on every outing. Plus the hood is a little thin and flappy but thats to help with the fold.

forevergreek Wed 06-Mar-13 13:12:15

Yes the snow wheels are available. ( replace the two small ones for large also)

FoofFighter Wed 06-Mar-13 13:06:17

I see you made your decision, (I heart Bugs!!) but was going to add in - check how much the accessories will cost you.

ZoeBarker Wed 06-Mar-13 13:02:02

Thanks guys, the Pebble may be harder to fit in the Fiat 500 but I think it's do-able so I expect I will be testing that too before deciding as I expect to be holidaying! Ref Bugaboo snow wheels, the chameleon boasts a snow format where you remove the smaller wheels, swivel the handle and use the buggy on 2 wheels - not convinced how well it works but it's good to know it could be possible. So the bugaboo is currently winning in the off-road stakes, I live in the country so pavements are replaced by uneven lanes and rubble.

Really great tips that have actually helped me make my decision on the Bugaboo thank you!!

Ihateparties Tue 05-Mar-13 17:37:15

Can you still get the snow tyres for the bugaboos? They were good. The day i got my peach i took it to a sculpture garden and it wasn't a lot of fun to use there.. imho it's better suited exclusively to pavements with the very very very odd trip off road. If it's something you do regularly i wouldn't like it. This where someone often pipes up and goes i push my peach over fields every day. So.. peach jogger? It doesn't convert to a double but it's really fab...

forevergreek Tue 05-Mar-13 17:14:45

Our bugaboo looks and feels new after over 3 years. Carrycot it one of the largest too. When baby was using , 2 year old could Still lie in if we had wanted. Our carrycot doesn't fold but the new ones seem good they do. The main seat is very spacious and elder at 3 1/2 slept in it last week when ill ( hasn't used for ages)
The basket is also huge and great for summer picnics as can fit blanket/ food/ bucket and spade in etc.
We have always used in parent facing mode.
Also I'm 5'4, and dh 6'2, the handle works great for us both
If you have any more children close the buggy board works well

Also just an aside, but if you happen to fly and know you will whilst baby under a year, the maxi cosi pebble is certified to fly with but the cabriofix isn't.

ZoeBarker Tue 05-Mar-13 17:02:57

From a pure aesthetic point of view and rather pathetically, personally I preferred the compactness of the iCandy Peach when up, it had smooth lines and I preferred the 'roundness' of the curves but this is really a personal point of view. I agree, the Oyster is small it was 3rd in my line up but side by side it was much of a muchness with the Peach and the lines of the Peach won me over. Also, you can only get the carrycot in black with the Oyster and I'm a fabric designer so this really put me off despite the huge price difference.

Wheels had to be off for all I tried in the Fiat 500 so I will have to put up with this until I upgrade my car in April 2014. Those with smaller wheels that fitted in the boot were discounted as they were not suitable for rougher terrain. Which means your point ref the lightness of your Bugaboo and it's terrain handling helps a lot as it gives the Bugaboo a definite edge on the iCandy. Also, the standard models are cheaper (I think).

I really don't have a gut feeling but your comments REALLY help so massive thanks! thanks

Ihateparties Tue 05-Mar-13 16:40:01

Are they really more compact then the others once up? Than the vista maybe, the oyster is definitely smaller.

I have had a peach and a bug gecko (specific feature differences aside the feel is essentially the same as the cam) liked them both but for me the bugaboo was much better for rougher terrain and I appreciated the lightness. I found the peach much more solid feeling and a firmer ride, the bugaboo bouncier. Both are great options, you wouldn't go wrong either way.

Was this chassis with wheels that fitted? Removing wheels every time you are in and out drives me demented. Try to figure out your own personal tastes and annoyances and how each would fit into your everyday life. You probably have a gut feeling favourite anyway...

ZoeBarker Tue 05-Mar-13 16:22:20

Oh and I was also advised that the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio is slightly shorter than the Pebble so is easier to get in the back seat of the Fiat 500. Also cheaper so that's a bonus too grin

ZoeBarker Tue 05-Mar-13 16:12:07

I have a Fiat 500 and a very kind shop assistant helped me to test a zillion pushchairs in its boot at the weekend, I now need further help to make my decision though as I was pleasantly surprised at the number of options available.

For Fiat 500 owners, here are some tested chassis that fit in the boot:

•Uppababy Cruz
•Uppababy Vista
•Jane Mumm
•Babystyle Oyster
•Bugaboo Chameleon
•iCandy Peach

Style wise I have fallen in love with the iCandy and the Bugaboo Chameleon as they are both more compact than the others once up, perfect for the limited space in our cottage.

I found pros and cons for both but I could live with either, does anyone else have any experience to help me choose, something to throw me off one so I can be definite about the other? Here area few of my pros/cons and observations, which have not helped me narrow my choice down at all so far:

•Both are suitable for rough(er) terrain
•Both similar price range (I like the Bugaboo Sahara)
•Both fold easily
•Both have similar size baskets
•iCandy Carry Cot isn't as soft inside (clutching at straws)
•iCandy Peach can be converted to double
•iCandy Peach is heavier
•Bugaboo has a collapsible carry cot
•iCandy has a long wait from order
•I have a moses basket so don’t need an overnight carry cot

Anything logical would help me to make a decision as I am so indecisive right now!

Many thanks in advance thanks

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