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please tell me your favourite buggy for older children...

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bumbleandbumble Wed 27-Feb-13 13:36:22

I am debating selling my current buggy and getting something else for my toddler. Toddler is large and heavy but still naps so I need a recline. I need to get around London in bus and would prefer something narrow...yet I do need it to carry some shopping.

Babyzen yoyo looks great but not sure I can have it as only buggy. Where could I put shopping? Kiddy city n move? Uppa baby cruz?

What else? reviews? suggestions...I am going crazy debating this...just like when I debated which double to getsmile

Tiggywunkle Thu 28-Feb-13 00:21:13

I like the Kiddy City 'n Move. Its got a huge seat and its comfy to push. But shopping space is lacking. I have to say, for an older child, I would be getting a BJCMGT or a B-Agile. Or a Versa smile Fab for shopping and fab for an older child too. I am not sure whether it meets your narrow requirement though. But the City 'n Move isn't that narrow either. Meanwhile I love my YoYo and can't fault it for a nipping around pushchair. But its not a shopping pushchair, nor an all day outing pushchair. It does what it says it does though ie a small lightweight, narrow, awesome folding little pushchair well!

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