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My kind of pushchair? Bugaboo Bee vs Stokke Scoot vs Uppababy Vista vs Baby Jogger Versa...

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c10070 Mon 30-Dec-13 16:35:46

Hi I am wondering if someone could tell me a bit about the stokke scoot?
I went to see it yesterday and it seemed very good..ive heard that the bee isnt durable at all and people are not happy with it?

Tiggywunkle Mon 04-Mar-13 16:47:56

The Micralite Toro is much better for a young baby than the Super-lite Fastfold though. But lovely to push.

horseyhorse Mon 04-Mar-13 16:21:34

Have you heard of micralite? I have one and it was brilliant when I took it to London. It's very easy up and down steps by yourself. Very light weight. It is only forward facing, but its so brilliant in every other way. Also excellent on public transport, and you can wheel it along folded whilst you hold baby if needs must.

milk Thu 28-Feb-13 08:43:43

Stokke Scoot!!! I love it!

Tiggywunkle Thu 28-Feb-13 00:38:45

I wouldn't want to carry the Vista because its tall and unweidly....the chassis doesn't fold flat IYKWIM so there's a bit of flappyness when carrying. The Versa will be heavy to carry, but I would rather have the Versa to carry as its neat. I think I would rather have something like a Peach that I could sling the chassis on my back and carry the seat unit down, than a one piece fold TBH. (Or even the Cherry which is really light). I can easily lift either of these, plus a child at the same time. Whereas I wouldnt want to try the Versa or Vista with a child. I would try the Bee carried sideways or maybe with the handle over my shoulder. In some ways your Stokke Xplory would be better on steps!
Generally any of these - well the Vista, Versa, Peach or Cherry would serve you well. I wouldn't buy another Xplory!! Horrible thing!
I think TBH you need to go and play some more...try lifting, carrying etc.

Pyra Mon 25-Feb-13 23:48:42

Thaks Femme and Tiggy.
Tiggy - I read your other pushchair reviews as well - very helpful.

We wont be doing a lot of stairs with the pushchair - just quite occasionally (once every other week perhaps in tube stations) And I'll probably have another adult travelling with me on all those occasions. Bus use would likely be more frequent. Does this change your recommendation?

I'll check out the BJCM to see how I get on with that.

Tiggywunkle Mon 25-Feb-13 17:34:51

I am rushing at the minute but this should help

I would rule the Scoot out for a young baby because there is no leg support for an older baby and they look really uncomfy sleeping. The Bee seat at least extends so that an older baby can have their legs supported. The City Mini is great, but it is only forward facing. The Versa is very heavy for carrying up and down stairs. The Vista would be really long to carry down stairs - I wouldn't want to do it.

I dont think there is anything perfect TBH. THe lightness of the Bee really is attractive. TBH if you really need to take the pushchair up and down stairs, I would get a pushchair for now, and think about swapping it once the baby gets to 6 months or adding to it with a lighter folding pushchair. The YoYo is awesome. In fact the YoYo isnt that bad on rough and uneven ground....I took mine to its limits the other day going up and over ledges, stones etc.

femmeaufoyer Mon 25-Feb-13 06:41:20

I live in a city and have the Bee, I find it good. I bought it in 2010 for my 18 month DD (after initially buying a Quinny Buzz and getting sick of the size and weight) and used it until she was 3.5. I'm now using it for my 10 week DS with the cocoon he is snug and comfy in it, despite the minus zero temperatures we have here. And he falls asleep as soon as I put him in it. I have had a bit of a love- hate with it over the years, it is by no means perfect...but no pushchair is! I have had a few issues but Bugaboo have been great and sorted everything quickly and efficiently...good customer service. I know people think it's low down but tbh it's never been an issue for me, but me and my DH are not tall. It may look/feel flimsy compared to big tough travel systems but it really isn't. I can't bear big pushchairs. Tbh i still find the Bee big and look forward to my DS being old enough to go in an even smaller my eye on the Yoyo! The size, weight and versatility make it excellent for city living....but it's rubbish on rough ground. If you accept its limitations and embrace its advantages it's a great pushchair.

Pyra Mon 25-Feb-13 00:37:40

Ladies, I'm looking for some advice on a suitable urban use pushchair for my first baby due in a couple of months. Didnt want to hijack any of the existing threads on similar topics. From my research so far, I haven't found a single pushchair which ticks all my boxes AND has received good reviews, so I'd love to benefit from your experience...

Potential usage:
- I live in a flat in London. Don't own a car (so am not bothered about the pushchair's folding mechanism, or fitting a car seat) and have elevator access to the flat from street level
- The pushchair would be used for walking on pavements and earth tracks in parks, on buses, and on tube/train (occasionally would need to carry up and down stairs in stations)
- DH is 6 ft, and I am 5 ft 4 - we definitely need adjustable handles
- I prefer the option of front and rear facing, a moderately high seat (i love the look of Stokke Xplory but it is impractical for me in many other respects), good leg support once the baby is older (is this important?) and would like the pushchair to last at least 2 years

I am considering:
- Bugaboo Bee - compact and handy for use on public transport, but looks quite flimsy and the seat seems low. Not sure how comfortable it would be
- Uppababy Vista: looks solid, but too bulky and heavy? And is it worth the price tag?
- Stokke Scoot: still need to try this, but DH saw it and wasn't impressed with the limited recline options and limited leg support for toddlers. And I wonder if the wheels have suspension
- Baby Jogger City Versa: I like this, but it does feel heavy - cant imagine carrying it up and down steps
- Baby Jogger City Mini: haven't tried this yet but only front facing?

What other criteria should I consider? What are your thoughts on these pushchair models? Any other suggestions?

Thanks a million!

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